Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Poorer, 7 Reasons Why!

Posted by Grace under Money on November 4, 2014

Familiar with the quote “get rich get richer and poor get poorer”? Actually I don’t want to talk about “poor”, poverty or lack of money. But today, since the topic is about how or why the rich get richer and the poor people are getting poorer, let me share my point of views about it. If you are a rich guy, you don’t need to read this article but if you belong to poor people or middle-class people, kindly continue reading, this article will only waste 5-10 minutes of your time. Are you ready? So, let’s study the differences between the two – poor and rich!

I am saying this article will only waste your time if you think the content here or the topic itself isn’t worth reading. You better make a conclusion after you have read this content.


Just another “off investing topic” at InvestmentTotal, may I ask you to please write some ideas or “clues” about the topic “rich get richer while poor getting poorer”, just write it on the comments box below.

Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Poorer, 7 Reasons Why!

Of course, we have to identify the attitude or rich people and the poor people especially how they treat and handle money, how they treat “opportunities”, how they treat “risk” and the difference between the two when it comes to “net worth”.

Rich People Think Big, while Poor People Think Small

If you are thinking big, it doesn’t mean you are rich. The question will arise, how come you think big but you are still poor? The answer, you aren’t thinking BIG enough, and you only ended with just thinking, rich people think big and do whatever it takes to achieve that “BIG thing” on their mind, while poor people keep on dreaming.

Conclusion: Rich people are taking actions towards achieving big goals while poor people are keep on just dreaming and wondering why they are still poor. Poor people entrust their dreams with the “star at night”, wishing good luck and saying “I wish I have 10 millions of dollars will drop beside me when I awake”.

Or they keep on telling themselves, “I want to be rich” or “I want to become a millionaire”. Rich people when they aren’t rich are also dreaming, but the best thing, they took action, they suffer, they sacrificed. Poor people are afraid to sacrifice or suffer, they want instant success, instant money, poor people love to enjoy the present life but didn’t love a permanent success.

Hey, sorry! I am using dollars because lot of readers of came from North America. Just use your local currency if you want. “I wish I have 10 million (your currency here) in my pillow when I wake up”.

Rich People Hire Smart People while Poor People are Looking for Job

Rich people are enthusiastic entrepreneurs, they love to sell and they love to provide employment opportunities while poor people love to buy products what rich people has to offer. Rich people are dreaming to be a big boss while poor people is aiming to become an employee for life. Poor peole don’t love to sell, they hate selling, they don’t want unlimited income that selling can give, poor people love to work for someone else. Of course, I am pointing to rich people (someone else) who owns a business that sells products or services. Therefore, rich people don’t accept FREE financial advice, they hire financial experts to invest money for them.

Rich People Are Money Smart while Poor People are Just Smart

Rich people make money and knows how to manage their money. Poor people also make money but they have no idea how to manage their money, it simply means rich people are expert when it comes to money management. Rich people do know how to save, give, handle money, and invest money. Poor people just know how to make money and spend it all.

Rich People are Risk Lover while Poor People are Afraid of Risks

While poor people are afraid to invest money because of fear of losing, the rich people are risk lover. They love risk but they know how to manage and analyze risk. It’s simple, rich getting richer because they know how to make their money grow by investing while poor people getting poorer because they don’t have any idea how to make their money grow, or even they know that investing can help them to make their money grow, they are still afraid to take risk, and they wonder why they aren’t getting rich through saving money. Poor people spend a lot to buy the things they want while rich people spend money to buy the things they need. Hey, there is a big difference between saving and investing, and a big difference between “wants” and “needs”.

Rich People Increase Their Net Worth while Poor People Increase Their Liabilities

That’s why Investing is very important to rich people, they know investing can make their net worth increase, they lessen liabilities as much as possible. While poor people buy the things even paying it through credits, just to impress other people, and they have ended with lot of liabilities. It’s simple, rich people buy assets while poor people buy liabilities. Poor people buy a house, rich people buy land.

Rich People are Grateful while Poor People are Lot of Complains

There are many rich people I know, they are so grateful, humble and simple. But contradict to the poor people I know, poor people sometimes are boastful as if they know everything in this world. Rich people are generous like Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc and one of the most high net worth individuals. Rich people do knows the value of giving but they balance the “giving and receiving”. They are willing to receive because they know what they worth. While poor people are lot complains, they blame the government, the leaders in our country, and sometimes they blame the “Most powerful”.

Rich people are righteous, they are God fearing and they live their lives with integrity while other poor peopl love to cheat their wives and becoming dishonest, they love to drink as if there is no tomorrow. Rich people know how to balance everything while poor people know how to enjoy today and suffer later. Beginning today, start being a grateful person, a simple “thank you” everyday will make a big change in your life.

Rich People Love to Grow while Poor People Already Know Everything

Rich people attend seminars, even though they are already rich, they are still asking for an help to financial experts, they ask the other experts people related to what they want to know. Poor people know everything, if you invite poor people in a financial literacy seminar, what are their common reactions? “I don’t need seminars, I can do it alone” but if you invite rich people in a financial literacy seminar, they just simply respond “what’s the benefits of listening in your presentation”, or they simply respond “what’s your available time?, or “how much is the registration fee”. It’s simple, rich people are willing to learn while poor people aren’t willing to learn even though if the lesson is about “how to become wealthy?”.

For those poor people who want to be rich. Here are the suggestions;
Go somewhere and find a rich mentor, know his ways, study his belief about money and do his strategy about wealth accumulation; how do the rich people make money, how did they manage money, how do rich people spend money or how do rich people give or donate money. How do rich people extend their hands to other poor people or to their church congregations or charities. Believe me, you will be shock, once you examine and analyze the life of a rich people. Truly rich people are generous, kind and loving.

Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Poorer, 7 Reasons Why!

Talk, act and dress like a rich. It doesn’t mean you’re going to buy expensive clothes or shoes or expensive jewelries. Rich people are simple, just dress neatly and professional. How to talk like a rich, from now on, discuss about stocks, mutual funds and your assets, believe me, when a poor people heard you, they just simply replied “wow! You’re rich”. Act like a rich, how? Be confident but not over confident, truly rich people are simple, kind, honest and they are slow to speak words. They choose what language they will choose, they don’t even talk as if they are a “street boys”.

  • Have a Rich Mindset

Forget your philosophy about money, just adapt what rich people think about money. For rich people, money is important, their main goal is to become rich and how to make a lot of money. They don’t’ even talk negatively about money, if you think money is the root of all evil, there’s a problem on your thinking, but if you think lack of money is the root of all evil, hey you’re right! That’s why rich people don’t want to experience lack of money, because they don’t want to do evil things.

Aside from right mindset and right belief, you should think millions not thousands, rich people aren’t excited about hundred thousands, they are excited if they got hundred millions. What about you? Are you excited when you have a million?

  • Learn to Make Millions

Rich people know the money game, they play the money game. They invest, investing is their money game. I have an article about money game entitled “stock market today isn’t only for the rich”, it is a money game for everyone especially for those “wanna be rich”.

The question is how to make millions, simple, if rich people play the money game, they also know the number game, wanna know on how to make your first millions?

What do you think about these 7 reasons why rich get richer and poor people are getting poorer? Now, have you realized that this article was just a waste of time? Yes or No? If yes, thank you for wasting your time in reading this article.

Actually, I am planning to study the lives of rich and poor people and get data and information from other sources such as books, blogs and personal interviews to rich and poor people.

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4 comments on “Rich Get Richer and Poor Get Poorer, 7 Reasons Why!

  1. ReallyTrue says:

    The way the world was suppose to be. But then again, go figure.

  2. Markeith Cunningham says:

    Thank you for the great information nice.

  3. Steve says:

    Wow, lol. Blame the poor for being poor? Oh, no. No, don’t blame the investors, bankers, pharmaceutical companies, and financial speculation for layered networks of price fixing, insider trading (instead of being transparent and ethical), profit gouging (instead of letting prices ACTUALLY represent supply costs and demand, instead of overinflated perceived value, exploited through marketing tricks to the gullible), buying out companies to establish monopolies (instead of encouraging free market competition), hiring lobbyists to build tax loopholes into legislation by using Bill Riders (instead of paying their fair shares) and banning certain competitor’s practices for “safety” reasons by using Bill Riders (when those practices usually have nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with protecting their business interests), and marginally increasing prices here and there to bring the greatest return on investment (instead of allowing the real value to play out through the market), and for rewarding themselves with bonuses for reaching certain sales thresholds (when their employees did all the work for them). No, don’t blame the rich for all this, even though the specifically hire people to help them find all of these loopholes and to write legislation for all of these purposes. No, don’t blame them. Blame the poor people, who are working several jobs just to get by, and don’t have the same opportunities that many of these rich people were just “born into”. Blame the poor people for being poor – they should have rejected those lobbyists they didn’t know were working behind the scenes at their expense… because they’re not “money smart”.

    Sorry bud, but your article is a load of bull. Navy vet turned Business student here, specifically because I intend to get into the field, learn as much as I can, research the cronyism going on by these capitalists, and publicize what they’re doing, to call them out. I’m going to do my part to bring “honor, courage and commitment” into the financial sector – or publicly shame and bring pressure on those who will not adjust their behaviors.

    Oh, and has anyone ever noticed that it’s the Capitalist, Conservative Christians who always seem to exploit large groups of people through fraudulent business practices? I wonder if their fraudulent religions/mythologies and fraudulent social mindsets are what drives them to commit fraud against the public? These people throw the word “god” out there every once in a while, which distracts their fellow mythers from the real issues. Fraud, fraud, everywhere. Well, one issue at a time.

  4. Karen poor girl says:

    Thank you Steve. This article is nothing more than an attack on the poor. And it includes lots of assumptions and generalizations about the poor. We get poorer because we have to pay higher interest rates and we can lose jobs because our car broke down and we have no money to fix it. Rich people don’t get charged late fees for not having money in the first place. If you have no idea what it’s like to be poor, perhaps you shouldn’t write about it. I’m poor, yet I have a very happy marriage of 20 years ( neither have cheated) and we don’t drink!

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