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What can you say about President Rodrigo Duterte leadership? Do President Duterte have the common characteristics of a good leader? Here I will share to you some achievements, plans and some news about the newly elected President of the Philippines; President Rodrigo Duterte (former Davao City Mayor – also known as the famous Mayor in the Philippines).

Reviewing the characteristics of our leaders is a big help to let them know that they are getting “praises” from the citizens. Their efforts was appreciated by many citizens not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. There are many Filipino around the world who are hoping for the “big change” to be implement by President Rodrigo Duterte. The OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) should not be taken for granted.


Note: The goal of this page is not to attack anyone or degrade other people’s dignity. This might sound a political blog, still there are many useful articles here about personal finance and investing and the issues about government corruption and k-12 advantages and disadvantages.

From time to time, we will use properly address President Rodrigo Duterte. Don’t use the name “Digong” or P’Duts”, for me that’s a form of disrespect. If you are educated, then prove it.

President Rodrigo Duterte Change is Coming Implementation

Change is coming. We heard that phrase over and over. But, can we see some evidences or proves that there changes made during the first month-term of President Rodrigo Duterte? A big YES. We are a living proof.

We watched on TV, Radio, we read on online news, social media news feeds, in the newspaper about the “illegal drug campaign”. The Director General of the Philippine National Police Ronald Dela Rosa ak.a. Bato or “rock” is enthusiastically supporting the campaign of illegal drugs and crime prevention.

Implementation Rate: 10/10

Why we give a perfect score? It is President Duterte take actions. He walk his talk. He do what he said. He has “one word”. Imagine, he only give us 3 to 6 months to fight illegal drugs, it’s takes only a month to make almost all “illegal drugs concerns” to be surrendered. Amazing results!

Some Politicians Considered President Duterte as Uneducated, Indecent but for me He is Educated at Heart

In my opinion, President Rodrigo Duterte used “bad words” or in tagalog, “Pagmumura” is to express his feelings and emotions about what is happening to his country.

We can’t deny the fact that the Republic of the Philippines should fix major issues like;

1. Illegal Drugs

I do agree that when illegal drugs is immediately fix, the crime rate will be lowered. Many people (Pinoy or Foreign) are now afraid to use or push illegal drugs. There is no evidence that the administration is the one behind of many people who have killed because of illegal drugs.

My suggestion is to implement the law of Saudi Arabia in illegal drugs. A large fine (huge amount of money) to be collected when a foreign national caught using and selling illegal drugs. And use the money to build “resettlement”.

2. Government Corruption

I have no idea what President Rodrigo Duterte do to Janet Napoles. I have no clue. If you have a clue, try to insert your opinion in the comment box below.

3. Education System

The salary of DepEd teachers will increase as he promised. I heard it in the news when he is running for President. Many teachers are waiting for salary increase. But, we don’t just focus on increase. We should talk about “education system”.

The issue on K-12 Education Curriculum is still hot. Many students and parents have still no clue what it is all about. What is the goal and objectives of k-12 education curriculum. To have an idea, you must visit the official website of Philippine Department of Education at

Here are the things you should know why there is a K-12 Education Curriculum;

“After going through Kindergarten, the enhanced Elementary and Junior High curriculum, and a specialized Senior High program, every K to 12 graduate will be ready to go into different paths – may it be further education, employment, or entrepreneurship.

Every graduate will be equipped with:

  • Information, media and technology skills,
  • Learning and innovation skills,
  • Effective communication skills, and
  • Life and career skills.”

Excerpt from

Business, investment and personal finance is very important. If I were the DepEd secretary, I will introduce “personal finance” and “investing” subject as early as possible. The student must learn how to save and invest money for their future at a young age. And the most important thing that is happening in k-12 is that the students are learning how to become an “entrepreneur”. Students can learn entrepreneurship in their TLE or Technology and Livelihood Education subject. That’s awesome!

4. High Crime Rate

As I have said, if illegal drugs are prevented, the crime rate will be lower.

5. High Unemployment Rate

What can you say about unemployment rate in the Philippines? Do the government

6. Transportation

When you encounter road traffic, that means you encounter a time wasting moment. Time is gold. And we don’t want to spend our time in the road.

I hope foreign investors will invest for the construction and rehabilitation of transportation system in the Philippines. We need bullet train from Metro Manila to Baguio or from Metro Manila to Bicol.

7. Low Quality Government Services

As I have said awhile ago, our intention is not to attack other people. The issue in low quality government services is also hot. Imagine you will pay for a particular document but you only get a receipt, you will wait for your document for more than a year. Sometimes, you receive the document when it is already time to renew it again.

Solution: Invest for equipment like the one using in printing IDs or important documents. Catch all the “fixers” and fine them.

8. Wages and Filipino Lifestyle

This is also a major issues. If I were the President today, I will make sure that all Filipinos are living the lifestyle they want by increasing the “wages”. Why in Metro Manila employees has high salary than those in provinces? Say for example; in Metro Manila, you will get as high as P500 ($46.5) while in Provinces, you will only earn P350 ($7.60) per day.

The food that we eat are the same. The prices of goods and items are the same. The gasoline or oils we use in transportation are the same. Why we don’t get equal salary. That’s ironic.

9. Filipino Dignity

The Filipino dignity will only respect by foreign nationals if our leaders our “respectable”. What do we mean by respectable? Isn’t it saying bad words? Nope. Saying bad words is just fine as long as you only want to express what’s on your mind. Isn’t it wearing beautiful “Barong tagalog” and Filipiniana? Nope, respectable simply means your deeds are “righteous”.

We see many leaders wearing expensive suit but they are corrupt and involved in illegal activities. We see innocent and “angelic” face leaders but they deeds are devil. That’s not what we want! we want righteous leaders.

President Rodrigo Duterte Leadership Review

Image Credit: Cool Easy – President Duterte Portrait Drawing

Noone is Above the Law even if You Are a Lawmaker and Law Enforcer

Noone is above the law. Imagine if you have lots of money, you can buy the law enforcer. That should not be. A law is a law. Follow it or die! Enforce it or die! It’s funny to think that sometimes the one who created the law is the one who break the law.

Let us learn from the former US President Ronald Reagan, he said…

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” ~ Ronald Reagan

Let’s change the word “American” to “Filipino”, and this will become “It is time to restore the Filipino precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

Genuine Concerns of President Rodrigo Duterte

What is genuine concern and what is fake? We as a human can easily identify if a person is just doing a task to impress other people or to get praises. A genuine concern didn’t wait for praises afterwards. A genuine concerns can easily feel and can easily execute. It don’t required any favor or gifts.

I am sure President Rodrigo Duterte has genuine concerns for the Republic of the Philippines and its citizens. Let’s just wait what he can do when there are disasters or when many Filipinos are in tough times. Actually, preventing illegal drug seriously is a proof that President Duterte has a genuine concerns.

Patriotism Sill Matters for President Rodrigo Duterte

I am very proud of him. I didn’t see any politicians who hold the Philippine flag during their political campaigns. have you heard what President Rodrigo Duterte have been said during the debate about South China Sea? He said he will go to China Airport and raise the Philippine flag. He don’t want to get in fight, he wants a serious discussion.

So far, I give President Rodrigo Duterte in his first month a rate of 10/10. A perfect score for a excellent leadership. What are the characteristics of a good leader?

  • R – Righteous
  • O – Observant
  • D – Disciplinarian
  • R – Reliable
  • I – Intelligent
  • G – Governmental
  • O – Optomistic
  • D – Decisive
  • U -Unafraid
  • T – Truthful
  • E – Economical
  • R – Responsible
  • T – Trustworthy
  • E – Enthusiastic

Describe President Rodrigo Duterte Now!

I know there are many good characteristics to describe President Duterte. Here,  we (you and other readers will review by leaving a comment related to traits, characters, personality, programs of the President. What can you say about President Duterte in the major and minor issues (written below). Did he fix all of these things?

  • Illegal Drugs (pinoy and foreigns) and Crimes
  • Transportation (MRT, Road Traffic) and Telecommunication (expensive but low internet cnnection)
  • Quality Education (Classroom, School Facilities, Teacher’s Salary, etc.)
  • Environment (mining, Illegal Fishing, Deforestation)
  • Wages and Unemployment (Contractualization, Wage Increase)
  • Government Corruption and Political Dynasty
  • Social Welfare (Street Children, Beggars on the Street & on Jeepneys)
  • Health (Cheap medicine, cheap and affordable but quality hospitalization)
  • Agriculture (programs for Filipino farmers like financial assistance and equipment)
  • High Quality Government Services (application and renewal of government IDs and documents)

I know there are lot of things to say something about President Rodrigo Duterte. Please use this page to describe the Philippine President. All people (pro or anti) are welcome. Who knows, the President is reading this page everyday. Make this page an opportunity to tell and remind President Duterte about the things to fix in our beloved country – the Philippines. Say something about President Rodrigo Duterte Leadership now!

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