Return on Invested Capital

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 1, 2016

Here is the compilation of return on invested capital at I am investing money in the stock market, mutual fund and UITF (unit investment trust funds). ROI means return on investment, the expected gains or returns of the investors.

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In order for you to decide where to invest your money, maybe you are looking for the past performance of the investment vehicle or investment companies or the rate or return. In my stock investing I am using the services of COL Financial and has some stock shares of giant companies in the Philippines.

Return on Invested Capital

For my mutual funds investment, I am satisfied with Philequity Fund, Inc., and First Metro Asset management, Inc. Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc. I have some amounts of investments in these mutual fund companies.

FAMI-SALEF is an open end incorporated in the Philippines. FAMI-SALEF’s objective will help the investors looking for capital appreciation. FAMI-SALEF fund invests in selected listed and non-listed equity securities.

While Philequity Fund, Inc will help the investors for obtaining appreciation by investing in a portfolio comprised of first tier equity securities in the Philippines.

And for my unit investment trust funds, I am very happy I found BDO easy investment program. I choose UITF Equity type of investment. I am doing peso cost averaging in BDO UITF. The objective of BDO UITF Equity Fund is to provide investors returns through diversified portfolio and other marketable instruments.

Update as of September 21, 2014

Type of Investments: Stock Market Investing
Total Invested Capital Amount: 20,000
Market Value: 21,554
Return on Invested Capital: 1,554
Interest Rate Earned: 7%

Type of Investments: Mutual Funds
Total Invested Capital Amount: 220,000
Market Value: 21,554
Return on Invested Capital: 5,913.71
Interest Rate Earned: 2.6%

Type of Investments: Unit Investment Trust Funds
Total Invested Capital Amount: 10,000 (making additional 2,500 per month)
Market Value: 10,394.10
Return on Invested Capital: 394.10
Interest Rate Earned: 3.94%

Type of Investments: Real Estate Properties
Total Invested Capital Amount: 670,000 (Lot Only)
Market Value: N/A
Return on Invested Capital: N/A
Interest Rate Earned: N/A

Type of Investments: Business and Enterprises
Total Invested Capital Amount: 300,000
Market Value: N/A
Return on Invested Capital: N/A
Interest Rate Earned: N/A

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The highest invested amount is on mutual funds, the rate of interest earned is not that high, but it is reasonable because I started last June 22, 2014 for this lump sum investing. 2.6% in four months. The average interest earned of my investment is 4.51%

The formula: I just add the interest rate earned of each type of investments and divide them by 3. I am satisfied in the results. I will do the investing in paper assets for 20 or more years. These amounts would be millions because I make additional investments every month or every time I received a salary bonus or business profits. Due to compound interest the money invested in these type of investments will grow overtime.

Thank you for reading Stay tuned in this blog and learn a lot about personal finance. What about you? Are you satisfied with the rate of return of your invested capital? Share your experience below.

For other interesting topics, please read our guide on future value formula, ROI return on investments, types of investments and other guides in investing. Have a great financial journey. I wish you to become a financially free person. Be happy and rich! God bless you and your family.

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