Retirement Planning: Want to Retire Anytime? Here’s How!

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Ask yourself “when can I retire?”. If you think you will retire a age 65, you will miss almost every good thing what life has to offer. So when is the best time or age to retire? Specify some age, at age 45, age 55, age 60, age 65, whenever you want to retire, just decide today and surely you can make it happen.

While I am thinking about my retirement, I ask myself, Do i have enough retirement funds to live the rest of my life? Can I afford to quit my job today and just spend my time playing and relaxing? During the time that I started learning how to save for my financial future, I realized I should started it earlier. But of course, as a positive minded person, I just keep on thinking, it’s better late than never.


While I am writing this page and asked myself “when can I retire”. There are two important things that popped on my head. The first one is my retirement savings and the second one is my preferred age (the date that I want to retire).

When Can I Retire? When I Have Enough Retirement Savings

In personal finance section, the Retirement Planning IQ blog has several topics on how to save money for retirement and to invest money so that we can have enough retirement funds.

Our retirement savings will give us a clue to the date of our retirement. If your goal is to have $500,000 retirement savings, how many years do you still have to build that amount. If you have 30 years, then, after 30 years, you’re ready to retire.

But, of course, if you want to retire young, just build your retirement savings as fast as possible. As soon as you have enough retirement funds, you don’t need to ask anyone when can you retire. You can retire anytime for as long as you have enough savings that you can use for your retirement. Make use of 401k plans if you are an employee and start saving money for retirement.

Retirement Age is Also Important

Many people are planning to retire at age 65. Some people maybe don’t have any idea on when can they retire. They just know they are working, and they are providing the needs of their families. But when it comes to retirement planning and if you ask them when can they retire, they just simply answer, “i don’t think about it..I am still young”.

Retirement age is very important. We don’t want to work forever. We want to spend our time playing, enjoying and relaxing with our loved ones. So when do you want to enjoy your life, at age 65 or at age 45? You can choose the second one. At age 45 will be the best retirement age. It is hard to retire at age 45. But it’s very possible.

Just acquire enough assets that are generating money for you so you will never work anymore and you will never be worried about money anymore. Build money making machines like apartments and business. Build or acquired anything that can help you make money without any effort or time.

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,000 and invest them that can earn at least 10% per year, you are generating $100,000 per year. What if you have $10,000,000 that earns 10% per year?

Astonishing $100,000 per year without any effort. Making $100,000 passive income is a great idea. You can retire anytime for as long as you can generate money that exceeds to your expenses.

Stay tuned to Retirement Planning IQ for more retirement guides and advice. What about you? Did you asked yourself already the simple question “when Can I retire”? Kindly leave a comment below and share your strategy on how to build enough retirement savings. Let us all retire young, rich, happy and comfortable! Thank you for reading!

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