Retirement Planning in USA Trending in Yahoo (American Retirees)

By Grace
Retirement planning in USA became trending in YAhoo, this means Americans are really preparing for their retirement years. After I published some articles related to buying Yahoo YHOO stock, I found out that the word or search terms “retirement planning” became trending in Yahoo particularly in USA United States of America. Americans are looking for an effective ways on how to retire young and retire rich. Actually I found out that as of June 2, 2015, Americans are searching for retirement advice and retirement strategies.I am not amazed since this is not unusual.
Americans are very intelligent and careful enough to plan for their retirement. They study on how to retire rich, happy and “retire early”. Some are asking advice to a CFP certified financial planners on what types of investments should they invest.


In  this online stock trading blog, there are many topics that you can learn about “retirement planning” and these are;

  • How to Set Financial Goal for Retirement – a basic guide on how to save money for your retirement.
  • How to Compute Your Target Earning Asset – this will be a guide on how much money you should have for retirement, and that money should be invested and considered as TEA or target earning asset for your retirements.
Retirement Planning became trending in Yahoo because more people in USA are searching for tips on how to retire rich and live well.
Photo Courtesy: Yahoo Trending Screenshot
As of June 2, 2015, the trending in Yahoo are Cassandra Jenner, Kurt Russell, Dog dies at Petco, Julie London, Electric Cars, Retirement Planning, Trisha Yearwood, Caitlyn Jenner, Smart Watches and Mila Kunis.

Retirement Planning in USA

American retiree are well educated about personal finance since there are many certified financial planners in USA, and besides American government educate its citizen about retirement planning and personal finance.
Americans do use investment and saving opportunities like 401k plans or other types of retirement account available for employees.
What is your opinion about the trending now in Yahoo? The term “retirement planning” ranked as #7 as the most search term in Yahoo today. I believe Americans are very smart enough to prepare for their retirement. What about you?
How do you search for retirement planning tips and advice? Do you use books, or personally ask a CFP or you’re also searching retirement planning in USA? Thank you for all the bloggers and website owners and even certified financial planners who shares tips and advice about retirement.We salute you guys, thank you!


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