In Retirement Planning: Top Emotional Retirement Issues to Consider and Challenges

Posted by Grace under Retirement Planning on June 11, 2017

Are you emotional when you talk about your retirement life? What are the issues to consider and common problems and challenges in retirement planning. The life after retirement is very hard. Old people (retirees) think deeply about their funds, health, savings, lifestyle, their homes and because of these, they became emotional.

In Retirement Planning IQ, we think the possible issues, problems, and challenges arises during retirement period. If today, your problems is MONEY, that means you did not take actions while you have the opportunity to save and invest money. One common reasons why retirees become emotional is not having enough retirement funds. And this is the effect if you did not planned your retirement correctly.


When a retiree don’t have enough money, they usually find a job or activity that will help them generate money. Last year, I ask myself; “do I need to work again after I retire”. I answer silently; a big NO.

Emotional Retirement Issues

  • Not having enough retirement funds.
  • I am old and sick, where to get money to pay for hospitalization.
  • My children are out of country.
  • I don’t have lot of friends to talk with.
  • I am single.
  • I am lonely, sad and don’t want a lifestyle like this.

The challenges of life after retirement are tough. There you’ll think many possible things that might happen. Believe me on this, if you have a lot of money when you retire, you will overcome all challenges and you will find many solutions to all problems when you retire.

Example Retirement Challenges

Your problem is you are alone and your children are out of the country or working in a very far places, what should you do? Use your money and visit your children.

You are getting sick and you are very emotional because you feel you’re dying. What should you do? You will use your money and pay your doctor just to ensure you will have a very good physical condition.

That’s the reasons why we need to prepare our retirement funds. Not just for health, houses, leisures but most of all when the time comes that we need to be with our friends and loved ones.

Learn how to achieve financial freedom towards comfortable retirement today. Because whether you like it or not, your retirement year will come. You will grow old, weak, sick, and you will stop working. Do ensure you have a lot of money working for you.

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