Retirement Planning Tips: Build Retirement Savings for a Comfortable Retirement Years

Posted by Grace under Retirement Planning on June 11, 2017

Build enough retirement savings before its too late. If you want to build your retirement savings efficiently, increase your income now, make a lot of money and invest them. Read this article on how to build retirement money if you’re really serious in planing for your retirement. Many people don’t have any idea on how to increase their income. They just know they should work so that they sustain their family’s daily needs.

But they don’t know they should increase their income so that they have enough funds to build retirement savings. It is very hard to invest money for retirement if you have limited income. Even expert retirement planners should emphasize the important of increasing the individual’s income before investing money for retirement.


How to plan for retirement is the most common questions asked by the readers of Retirement Planning IQ blog. People do really worried for their retirement. They read books, ask retirement planners, or search online the best way to plan for retirement. It is true that we need enough knowledge before we invest money and eventually build our retirement savings.

Use 401k plans in Building Retirement Savings

Few months ago,  I answered a question in a personal finance discussion. A member in the online forum asked a question;

“How can I save money for retirement if I don’t have a discipline to do it, and honestly I have a lot of alibis and excuses to save money every month to save money?”.

I answered the question; “Use 401k plans if you want to build retirement savings easily. This are automatic-saving system in USA. Anyone who wants to save money automatically every month, contribute to 401k plans (I am talking to employed individuals). Talk to your employer and ask how can you contribute to 401k plans.

Protect Your Retirement Savings

You don’t have to just save. Invest money. Because saving money alone can’t help you build enough retirement savings, investing is. How can you invest money for your retirement? Just like what I said before, make use of 401k plans if you are employee and if not, just open a stock brokerage account and buy shares.

There are many ways to invest money for retirement. You can buy mutual fund shares, buy real estate properties or buy stocks. Don’t just invest. You need to allocate your assets as your age and needs change. To make sure you have enough retirement savings, of course, you need to protect your investments.

Do Not Procrastinate, Build Retirement Savings Now! Invest Early & Retire Early, Young, Rich & Comfortable

Do not procrastinate, if you want to retire early, save and invest early. The earlier you build enough retirement savings, the earlier you can retire, The idea is to do whatever it takes to build enough retirement funds. Increase your income, make a lot of money so that investing and saving money will be very easy for you.

When I wrote one of the best article in Retirement Planning IQ, I emphasize the benefits of buying more assets for retirement. If you want to retire early, stop buying the things that depreciate value, start buying assets instead. So that those assets, will help you retire, young, rich, happy and comfortable.

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