Useful Lessons to Remember from Retire Young Retire Rich Book

Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on April 1, 2016

Looking for some ways to download the PDF file of retire young retire rich of Robert T. Kiyosaki because I want to read the book over and over again while I am in front of my personal computer. Actually I already have the hard copy of the book.

Some of Retirement Planning IQ readers are asking the PDF file of the book. I found the best way to download the book. When we search the PDF file, one is available but it covers only the part 1 of the book which is “the leverage of your mind”.


Here are some of the important lessons we can learn in the one of the finest business and finance book ever written, the Retire Young, Retire Rich;

  • How to Become Rich and Retire Young
  • Why Retire as Young as You Can
  • How I Retired Early
  • What Do You Think is Risky
  • How to Work Less and Earn More
  • The Fastest Way to Get Rich Quick: A Summary of Mental Leverage
  • The Leverage of Your Plan
  • How Fast is Your Plan
  • The Leverage of Seeing a Rich Future
  • The Leverage of Integrity
  • The Leverage of Fairy tales
  • The Leverage of Generosity
  • The Leverage of Your Actions
  • The Leverage of Habits
  • The Leverage of Your Money
  • The Leverage of Real Estate
  • The Leverage of Paper Assets
  • The Leverage of a B Quadrant Business
  • The Leverage of the First Step
  • How to Keep Going

Lessons Learned in Retire Young Retire Rich Book by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Leverage of Your Mind

Poor people use poor words and poor words create poor people. If you can
change your words and your thoughts to those of the rich, retiring young and retiring
rich will be easy.

retire young retire rich lessons

Image Courtesy: Rich Dad

This has something to do with the “law of attraction”. I agree with what Mr. Kiyosaki said. I believe that “thoughts will eventually change into things”. If you have a poor mindset, you will become poor. If you think prosperity, you will prosper.

That’s the number one secret if you want to attract riches. First, you must have a clear and positive mindset. If you know what you really want, you can get what you want.

The Power of Leveraging

If you want to get rich and retire rich, you must know how to use the power of leveraging. In simple sense, leveraging simply means using a tool to work easily.

What are those tools in business and finances? Those tools that can help you make money work for you. Not only money, you can also leverage time. Here’s how it works;

Leverage Money

  • You will borrow money in the bank or any financial institutions and use that money as your investment capital. You can use other people’s money when buying real estate. Borrow money for the down payment and some money to fix a property.
  • Sell the property or make it a rental property. Once the property was sold or being rented, you can now pay the loan and the excess profits will be yours.

Leverage Time

  • How to leverage time? By using other people’s time, skills and knowledge. Example, you will get more and good results if you will hire professionals, skilled workers or a sales person.
  • Do you want to sell something? yes, you can sell few items in one day. But, if you want to get rich, sell more. How can you sell more? Hire sales representatives to work for you.


The book “retire young, retire rich” is one of the best books ever written. The book simply teach us to get rich fast and retire young. You will get rich as quick as you can as long as you know how to use the power of leverage.

You have to use other peoples time and other people’s money if you want to get rich fast and make your dream a reality – – to retire early!

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