Common Requirements for Police Clearance Application

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Requirements for police clearance will be discuss in this page. In the Philippines, it is very confusing when we get police clearance. I am confused with the exact fees when getting a police clearance. When I visit other municipalities, they say the police clearance fee is only amounting to P100. Some are P200 and some are higher than 200 pesos. Maybe the police clearance fee is depending on the municipality you are residing at now.

Police clearance are required by many employers. I am not sure, it was five years ago when I get NBI clearance. Police clearance is required when applying for a job. It is sometimes required when opening a bank account. We know that police clearance are the basis of a good records. Police clearance will tell the employer if the applicant has a bad record. It also tells if the person has a pending cases. Police clearance can also be used to know if the applicant has other liabilities. If you committed a crime, you will never get a police clearance unless you are cleared!  In the police clearance certificate, it stated …


“This is to certify that the person, whose name, picture, signature and right thumb print appear hereon, has passed the records verification which was conducted by this Station…”

requirements for police clearance

Courtesy: Philippine National Police

Requirements for Police Clearance

  • Application Form ( get the police clearance form in the police headquarters)
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Recent Cedula (Community or Residence Tax Certificate)
  • P100 or more

Those are the common requirements for police clearance. You don’t have to bring pictures because the PNP headquarters will capture your photo and signature. Don’t give the original documents like cedula (tax certificate) and barangay clearance, a photocopy of these documents are fine. But do nto forget to bring the original documents with you.

Procedures in Getting a Police Clearance Requirements

  1. Fill out a request form from the Duty Desk Officer
  2. Submit the form with the required documents to the Desk Officer for verification
  3. Pay the Police Clearance Fee (determined by the LGU where the police office is located) at the treasurer’s office
  4. Submit the official receipt to the Clearance Police Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO)
  5. Place your thumb mark on the space provided for and claim the clearance


Police clearance is very important. The document is useful. I remember when I opened a bank account in the Philippines, the bank required me a police clearance because my IDs and proof of billing are not enough.

Tips and Warnings

When filling out the forms, write your personal information carefully. Make sure your letters and  numbers are understandable, clear (well-written). Avoid erasures. Your signatures should look like the signature you used in other IDs.

Maybe some municipalities allow their citizens to get police clearance online. I do hope the official website of PNP will have online police clearance option.

Say Something About the Requirements for Police Clearance

Now you know the requirements for police clearance. Did you find getting a police clearance certificate difficult? How much did you pay for it? Do we have the same requirements?

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