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Posted by Grace under Investing on January 21, 2016

Lesson on Reddit Investing page tag line, lose money with friends. Know what does Reddit investing really mean about its tag line. There are many social media websites today. Some of social medias are not like Reddit wherein there are exclusive pages to learn investing especially stocks. I am actively participating Reddit discussions when it comes to investing and personal finance.

Have you tried Reddit? What can you say? There are many people who wants to know how to invest money. Sometimes, they visit forums, blogs, Facebook groups and question and answer websites and read more topics about investing.


Reddit Investing

The tag line “lose money with friends” of Reddit Investing category caught my attention. What I have noticed is that the tag line mean something. How come the Reddit website put a tag line like this.

The investing category in Reddit is very simple. Once you logged in, you can post a questions related to investing. You can post any topic related to investment products such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, individual retirement accounts, 401k, retirement funds, etc.

Reddit Investing Category Guidelines in Making a Post

Here are the guidelines when posting in Reddit investing category; (1) Discuss news items relevant to investors. (2) Share investment ideas and insights. (3) Do NOT NOT make a post asking for advice, that belongs as a comment in the “Daily advice thread”. (4) 4. Keep discussions civil, informative and polite. Off topic comments, attacks or insults will not be tolerated.

Aside from investing discussions, you can also join other useful subreddits which can help you learn more about business and finance.

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  • Business
  • Economics
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  • Investment Club
  • Personal Finance
  • Security Analysis
  • Stock Market
  • Options


So what can you say? Did you use Reddit investing category when asking questions related to investing? Let me know your experience in joining a discussions related to investments in Reddit.

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