Purchasing Items Online Using Credit Card is Safe but Risky

Posted by Grace under Credit Card on April 3, 2017

Purchasing items online is easy as long as you have a credit card and other payment processors like PayPal and PayZa. When I purchased items online especially when I bought new domain names, I always use debit card. Sorry, I am not a fan of credit card. But it doesn’t mean I don’t know the risks associated in using credit cards when purchasing items online.

When I order some items in Lazada like wrist watch, smartphone and a ball for my basketball game, I used PayPal. Why? Is it because Lazada online shopping is not accepting credit cards? Or it is because purchasing items online using PayPal and Payza are safer than debit card and credit cards?


Know the Legitimate Website Online Store

Why I said that purchasing items online using your credit cards is safe? It will only become safe if the buyer knows which are the legit sellers and which are the scammers. By looking at the website information, you will surely know if the online store is a legit seller.

Many websites can just install a PayPal button and you can pay using your credit card. That’s easy. But the question is, when you saw a website that accepts PayPal and credit card, does it mean it’s safe site? No. Until you analyze the whole website.

Maybe you are planning to buy a shoes, a dress, a bag or a wallet online and you wish to use your credit card. Here are the things you should consider before using your credit cards when purchasing items online;

  • View the site information.
  • Make use the contact page have complete details such as contact persons, mailing address, email address.
  • Read reviews from other people not just about the items you want to buy online but the online store itself. Know what other people are saying.
  • Read the FAQ Frequently Asked Questions in the website especially the refund policy and payment options.
  • Do not let someone steal your credit card information.


Purchasing items online is very convenient. However, there are risks associated in using credit cards online. The risks includes;

  • Your credit card number might used by the other people when they want to buy items online. Just make sure the site you are visiting are safe and secured.
  • You should prefer debit card than a credit card.

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