How to Protect Your Child from Kidnappers on Facebook?

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on November 26, 2014

Protect your child from kidnappers online. Kidnappers tend to use Facebook to find another victims especially children. A responsible parent should watch or monitor the activities of their child not only in school but also in social networking sites such as Facebook.  Awhile ago I heard in the news that there are kidnappers who are using Facebook, kidnappers who are searching for their next victims. Their next victims are not just kids, even teenagers. So better you read this to avoid being the next victim of kidnappers. Here at, I only wrote article about money, I also share my ideas and opinions regarding Facebook tips, previously, I wrote about how to make a facebook business page and how to sell products and services in Facebook.

Important Note: Facebook has a security measure for individual when creating an account. However, users are liable and responsible to whom they are chatting with, sharing photos with and to make friends with. It means, Facebook and the company is not liable for illegal activities online, and one of these illegal activities is stealing or using someone’s information such as name, email address, mailing address or phone number and use the information to do cyber crimes.


Benefits of this Article to Facebook Users

Both parents and children will be aware that there are kidnappers even in social networking sites. And the kids will be more vigilant even online

Protect Your Child from Kidnappers Online

1. Add friends only on Facebook if you know them personally, do not be attracted to handsome or pretty look if someone added you as a friend, ignore them. Nothing can change if you ignored them. The word is “ignore”. Remember that when socializing on Facebook.

2. When someone is offering you something rewarding or eye catching, please “ignore it”. If it’s true, why don’t they give it to you personally.  Think about it, you’re smart, right?

3. Beware of “not real person” or the anonymous facebook users. Make sure your friends on Facebook has real photos of them together with complete profiles.

4. If someone sent you news about your immediate family (mommy, daddy, sister, brother) or other relatives and he said your relative is requesting you to see or visit them in hospital, malls or park, don’t believe it, call your relative immediately.

5. Avoid chatting in Facebook with the guys who sounds “kind” and “romantic”. This is an online world, you will only believe that a guy is kind or romantic if you personally meet him. Use your intellect to know the real intention of the guy or someone why he is chatting with you that way.

6. What if someone insisting and wants you to do what he is asking? That’s already a form of cyber bullying, the word is “ignore”, ignore the bullies and unfriend them on Facebook immediately.

7. For parents, it is also ideal that you can access your kids facebook account so that you can easily monitor the online activities of your child.

8. For other facebook users, to ignore other users easily especially bullies make yourself busy in selling products or services on Facebook.That way you can make your Facebook account more productive and become an online entrepreneur.

9. Make sure you are maximizing the benefit of having a Facebook account: make it useful.

Facebook Tips & Warnings

Facebook is a great social networking site to socialize online. Socialize the smart way, no matter how you feel or how you see with the other guy on Facebook photos, likes, comments, email messages, just forget about it. I will repeat, you will never be the next victim of kidnapping if you will just use your brain completely, the problem is you are using your emotion completely, but, your mind, you are using it incompletely especially when you read romantic and heart-warming messages and comments. This is an online world. Beware and be cautious. Use Facebook intelligently.

For parents, it will be too late if your kids are in the hands of the bad guys out there, and their intention is to sell your kids to other people, they are doing it because of money. Have a quality time with your kids, don’t spend all your days in working too much.

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