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Posted by Grace under Money on October 30, 2015

Yay! Just another proof of payment online I received from my internet business. Here’s the proof of payment online while I am working in my extra hours. This proof of payment will serve as an evidence that anyone can make money online. Making money online isn’t easy, it requires hard work and most of the time you need to invest in time. I remember when I was new to this internet business. I am always looking and searching for part time internet jobs. Until I realized that internet jobs are just like traditional jobs and business wherein you should train and educate yourself first before you will become an skillful worker.

Why did I say that investing in time is the best way to know how to make really money online? First, you need to study how does it works. Second, you need to spend time applying on what you have learned. The good thing is, the more you know, the more you can make. But I don’t apply it. I want to become focus on one thing. I should apply the “less is more” concept. I focus on one thing, and that “one thing” will bring me great results.


Good news for you. Because has several articles that provides tips and tricks about work at home jobs. In internet business, actually you don’t need to work hard, you just need to know how does it work and then work smart.

There are many working from home jobs for moms, data entry from home, work at homes jobs online whether you live in USA, Canada, UK or any part of the world as long as you are willing to learn how does internet business works.

Maybe you asked, I received more make money online offers saying it is legitimate work from home jobs, how do I know if they are really legitimate or not? The answer to that question is very simple, you can easily know by reading reviews or looking for a proof of payments. Most legitimate work from home jobs will pay their members via check, remittances, money transfers or via online payment processors like PayPal.

make money online payment

One Hundred Dollars and $30 (proof of payment online)

Some of the legitimate work from home jobs may offer work from home stuffing envelopes, article writing online, encoding and tying jobs and many  more. You don’t need to go somewhere else, let me guide you how to make money online. Just be willing to do the following;

  • Create an email account, preferably two. One is for personal emails and the other is for your payment processors and other important accounts.
  • Create a PayPal account and verify it using your bank account.
  • Go to freelancing jobs (, can help you find an online job and make money when you finished the projects you received from their clients.
  • You can also visit and start selling your products or services.
  • Spend time to study the following guides in my previous articles such as part time jobs from home without investment, ways to make money online from home for free.

You can do this as long as you have part time hours, everyone has part time hours. So, start searching and doing work from home real jobs to make real money online.

If you are not lazy, try to search internet business ideas. Most internet business ideas offers by many people is net working or MLM (multi-level marketing). You can get rich fast via MLM, just make sure you are willing to do what it takes to succeed in networking.

I am doing home based business, during my free hours. In my next article I will write a list of examples of home based business ideas or online business ideas. Stay tuned to – the return on investment blog!

If you have any questions or queries just let me know. Use the comment box and leave a comment related to work from home jobs. Good luck to your internet business. God bless. Thank you for reading!

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