Practice Makes Perfect, Unless You Do it Constantly

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The famous line famous makes perfect popped in my head when I think something about the things I want to do perfectly. I remember when I was 14 years old, my teacher told me that “having a constant practice” will improve the way I play the piano. How can I practice playing the piano many times if I don’t have a piano in our house? How can I practice more if I don’t have time for it? My interest is very different on what I want to become – a virtuoso pianist.

My interests and hobbies when I was 14 are playing ball games such as basketball and volleyball. I am not interested in music. I just want to hear great music piece. But, playing musical instrument lie piano? It’s not on my vocabulary.


A friend of mine told me, you know how to play a piano right? I replied, “YES”. Why’d you asked? Please teach me how to play a piano. I had a great conversation with my friend that time. The moment I heard anyone wants to play a piano is the moment I became slightly interested.

Practice Makes Perfect Meaning

The statement simply means, “whenever or whatever you want to do something perfectly, you need to keep on doing it until you do it perfectly”. The word is “keep on doing”. You should not stop until everything is perfect.

Some people when I head my music, they say “will you please keep quiet”. Some will just leave the room. A funny moment when my teacher don’t what to do with my fingers. She said I should put my fingers in a boiling water so that I can play the notes smoothly. For me, that’s a constructive criticism.

I challenged myself. My first year in studying how to play a piano is very hard. Until I think “I can do it”. And someday I will become a good piano player. That was January. I set a goal. My goal is to play any music piece (slow or fast) on the piano on October.

I try and try until I master a certain piece. The “fur elise” composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. I am not saying I can play as good as Ludwig van Beethoven. I am saying I can play any of his works. Just let me have the music piece and I will play it again and again until I play it perfectly.

If I stopped practicing playing a piano, maybe until today I can’t even play a simple ”
do-re-mi” in the piano keys. I’m glad I made it. I can play any music piece I want to play. If before I only heard instrumental music, now I can make my own version of any musical piece using the piano. Since I know how to read notes, it is easy for me to play any music piece.

Practice Makes Perfect – The Lesson Behind It

I agree with the statement “practice makes perfect” because it happens to me. Now I want to share a simple lesson about this quote. The lesson is simple.

  • You can do anything perfectly even in imperfect moment.
  • You can do whatever you want, just try it.
  • The fear of failure should not be an excuse if you want to succeed.
  • Just do it. Believe in yourself.
  • Sometimes, motivation is important.
  • Do what you love.
  • Love what you do.

While I am watching one of the NBA Legend, Michael Jordan movie clips, I learned how he became one of the greatest basketball players in the world. No wonder he is an iconic basketball player in NBA. He is spending more time in basketball drills like dribbling and shooting. If you want to be like Michael Jordan, be willing to spend more time in “practicing” every basketball skills.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a pianist and a composer. Actually he can composes a music piece when he was 5 years old.

The younger you will start knowing what you want to do in life, the more chances you succeed. If your parents and friends support you about the things you want to do, you will likely to succeed.

Practice Makes Perfect in Personal Finance and Investing

There are many people who are afraid to invest their money. Most of them are just interested for awhile, but their enthusiasm will disappear after few weeks. If only you will try anything, surely you will see great results. Are you familiar with “just do it” slogan?

Why don’t you do something to improve your finances. Try to do something to learn how to invest. Investing is like playing a piano. There are many keys to press, but you can’t press any piano keys unless you will decide to press it.

Now, are you ready to press something to improve your life? Will you face the fear of losing or start doing something great that your future self will thank you for? The message in this post is “common sense”. If you want to become great at anything, you must start right now. Joe Sabah remind us about getting started; “You don’t have to be good to start … you just have to start to be good!” .

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