PhilEquity Fund Inc. Investing Guide & Statement of Account

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PhilEquity Fund, Inc. statement of account, investing guide and my personal experience with the top performing mutual fund equity in the Philippines.

Here is my Philequity Fund Inc. statement of account. Phil Equity Management Inc. is one of the best and among the top mutual fund companies in the Philippines. They received awards during the 8th annual PIFA awards night on August 2014. Philequity Fund Inc. got the first place awards on 5 and 10 years return peso equity fund category. If you have a lot of money and want to invest mutual funds lump sum investing, then Philequity Fund Inc., should be one of your choices.


There are many mutual fund companies in the Philippines, their performance depends on mutual fund type, some are doing great in mutual fund equity type, some are doing good in peso bond bond, some are nice in money market, and some are good in balanced mutual fund.

How to Invest Money in PhilEquity Fund, Inc?

I will share to you my experience in investing in Philequity Fund Inc., when I heard about investing in mutual funds, almost people in the investment forums online suggest Philequity Fund Inc., then I research and do a necessary action.

PhilEquity Fund Inc. Investing Guide & Statement of Account

Image Credit: PhilEquity

I visited their official website at – the official website of Philequity Management Inc. Then read the procedures on how to start investing in their Philequity Fund Inc., here’s what I did and you can follow this guide if you just want;

Step 1. Download and read the copy of prospectus.
Step 2. Fill out and submit the account opening documents such as account opening form, investors risk profiling questionnaire, investment application form, two signature cards, one valid ID with signature.
Step 3. Invest through the following mode of investment that can be found in their official website.

(For more information, please visit

Note: This is not an affiliate link, where in if someone’s clicked the link, then the affiliate will receive commission.

Step 4. Submit the documents and bring a valid ID in their office at

  • Suite 2004-A, East Tower, Philippine Stock Exhange Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
  • You can call Philequity at 689-8080 or fax number at 706-0795,  their email is

Note: If you have no time to go in their office, then you have the option to submit your documents in any of eBiz branches. Good thing there is an eBiz branch near in our town, San Fernando Pampanga, the staff knows about Philequity, so no need to worry. I am glad to eBiz also because, they provide some forms during additional investments.

That’s how investing in Philequity Fund Inc., is done. That’s so easy. When you have already submitted the documents together with your initial investments, you will received a confirmation of you investment via email within 24 hours, except during Saturday and Sunday.

You will receive a PDF file regarding with your account, but if you want to request statement of account if you want. Just download a form and request. You can use a statement of account when traveling abroad.

Understand Mutual Fund Investing at 
Philequity Management Inc.

In their Investor Education page, you will going to learn what type of mutual fund should you fit in, the different type of risk and the benefits of mutual fund investing. Some benefits of mutual fund investing according to Philequity Management Inc., are strength in numbers, professional management, potentially higher returns, diversification, liquidity and safety. Investing in mutual funds has different fees, sales load and exit fees, the latest sales load and exit fee of Philequity Management Inc. can also be seen in the company official website.

Some investors are comparing sales load and exit fees, some are comparing direct stock investing to mutual fund equity investing. I think it is reasonable to pay fees since they invest your money for you.

Although some say there is a high fees in investing in mutual funds, it is still a great way to invest rather than investing in stocks, try to leave your money in stocks if it will gain that much compare to mutual funds, investing in stocks is not a hassle free investing, you have to always check your stocks if they are doing good (profits), unless you invest using peso cost averaging.

All you have to do is buy when whatever the stock price, there is a strategy in investing in stocks, the SAM (popularized by Mr. Bo Sanchez). Strategic Averaging Method, if I am not mistaken, good thing many Filipinos are investing in the stock market not trading. Whatever your investment vehicle choice, do not delay investing and reap the benefits of early investing and compound interest.

Philequity Management Inc. Awards 2014

Foreign Currency Bond Fund 10 Year Return: Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc. – See more at:

Choosing the right mutual fund companies is very important, what do you think about Philequity Fund Inc.? If you invested P1,000,000 10 years ago, how much money in your fund today? Here are some of the company awards this 2014.

1st Place: Foreign Currency Bond Fund 10 Year Return: Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc.
1st Place: Peso Equity Fund: 3 Year Return: Philequity PSE Index Fund, Inc.
1st Place: Peso Equity Fund: 5 Year Return: Philequity Fund, Inc.
1st Place: Peso Equity Fund: 10 Year Return: Philequity Fund, Inc

Foreign Currency Bond Fund 10 Year Return: Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc. – See more at:
Foreign Currency Bond Fund 10 Year Return: Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc. – See more at:
Foreign Currency Bond Fund 10 Year Return: Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc. – See more at:

I received my Phil Equity Fund Inc. statement of account via email today, when I was checking my email, I am glad the company is very consistent in giving the statement of account even though I am not requesting for it. Phil Equity Fund Inc email me the following;

Dear  , 

Please find attached Statement of Account for your review.

Initial password format is XXXMMDDYYYY (Name Initials: First, Middle & Last and your date of birth)

    Ex. Name: Jose Garcia Santos
        DOB: October 19, 1971
        Initial Password: JGS10191971

Should you have any question, please call 689-8080.



This is a system generated form and does not require any signature.
I only have few bucks in this account, but still, I am a part of their success. I do hope I will earn more in my businesses so that I will make a lump sum investing in one of these funds, maybe equity funds. That’s my prefer mutual fund type. A big thanks to Phil Equity Fund Inc. for their great services, I will invest more money in this mutual funds because I am satisfied with their services. Keep up the good work.

For the guide in investing in mutual funds, please read the following;

  • How to Invest in Mutual Funds Philippines?
  • Top Performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines 2014
Aside from investing in mutual funds, i have also a guide in investing in UITF and stock market. Please write a comment if you have any question or add information if you have any experience in investing in mutual funds or review about Phil Equity Fund Inc.
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