Personal Stock: BDO Unibank (BDO) 15.64% Gain: Not Bad for 2014

Posted by Grace under Investing on November 24, 2014

Here’s my personal stock! I just found out that BDO Unibank is one of my top gainer, actually I am not active in stock investing. There are readers who wants to know if I am really an investor. Yes, I am an investor, but not that successful compare to Warren Buffett and Robert Kiyosaki. I am just 20 years old and letting myself to learn about personal finances especially investing because me and my husband wants to retire young and retire very rich. A multi-millionaire at the age of 50 (for my husband) and for me at the age of 40. How young, right? Well. I don’t want to brag about my small investments. I may say it’s all God’s blessings because in my young age I am already investing for my future.

Stock market investing is not risky, actually it’s a lot fun. I am never been afraid to lose money, because money is not my priority. Besides, why should I invest if my goal is to lose money. That’s why I am doing anything to continually learn to invest.


I remember, someone asked me about investing in the stock market, he just ask, how does the stock market works? I just replied, please open an stock broker account such as COLFinancial or BPItrade, so that you will know what exactly stock investing is all about. I am glad he read the article in entitled how does the stock market works?

I would like to thank the readers of, you are my inspiration. My motto, if you can be rich, I can be rich, too. I am not stock experts, I just took a certain action, from opening an account at COLFinancial, fund my account and start buying stocks. Although, it is a small amount compare to my mutual funds investment at First Metro Asset and Philequity Fund, I am sure this coming year 2015 will be the best start to invest and get rich in the stock market. I just consider this year 2014 as an “exercise”, a “warm-up”. I know my strategies is a great strategy, because it works for me. Maybe I will still search for an stock market investing strategy, soon. Wish me good luck, I will do a lump sum investing amounting to 6 digits.

Personal Stock and Strategy

I will buy my chosen stock which I know it will last while I am still alive. Example: BDO or other blue chip stocks such as MBT, BPI, TEL, SMPH, ALI, JFC or URC, etc. When my primary stock gain, I will sell shares amounting to the gain. And buy another stock using the profit. As you can see, 85.82% is my primary stock and only 14.18% is the other stock. Which means the 14.18% is just a profit, although you are seeing a loss of -3.30%.

What about you? Are you already invested money in the stock market or still afraid to take risk? If I were you, open an account now, put small amount of money and answer all your curiosity. Noone can anwer you with all your questions even though you will attend a lot of investing seminars. Only you, can prove and learn how does the stock market works. But, to succeed, it is important to ask the stock experts and learn stock fundamental analysis – that will be my assignment next year. To study fundamental analysis.

For my readers, the following articles will guide you about stock market investing and motivate you to keep on investing for your future, please don’t stop reading;

1. Stock market today is not only for the rich people, let me prove it to you. Read stock market today as the money game of the rich.

2. You should keep on buying blue chip stocks. Learn more about Robert Kiyosaki when he answered – how long are blue chip stocks blue?

3. If you’re not yet investing in the stock market – try to  read how to start investing in stocks.

4. When you’re near at the retirement age, you should allocate your assets in different types of investments not only in the stock market – let me guide you about the types of investments today and how to allocate your asset if you are at age 30

5. WANTS INSPIRATION? Keep motivating yourself by knowing the importance of FINANCIAL FREEDOM, of course, investing in the stock market is one of the best way to achieve financial freedom. Take the ROAD to FINANCIAL FREEDOM now!

Thank you for reading, please let me know if you find useful. I am also looking for article contributor in this blog. May you have a wonderful and successful stock investing journey. God bless you prosperity, good health and happiness.

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