Personal Retirement Plan Options

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on March 14, 2015

Here are my personal pension plan retirement options. I want to retire at the age of 40. My plan is to retire young, happy and rich. I want to acquire my target earning asset. I re-computed my target earning asset during retirement. For as low as 10 million I can retire rich. The question is how can I acquire that earning asset worth 10 million? That’s why I have to write this my retirement goal. I still have 7 years preparation for this goal. Since I am now 33 and want to retire at 40.

Personal Retirement Plan Options

I would like to retire using the following instrument and strategies. Of course, asset allocation is still here,


  • Use of profitable leverage investing to retire early.
  • Entrepreneurship. I will start my own business and create another passive income.
  • Online business can help me get funds to invest in stocks.
  • Get Rich Fast Through Leveraging

I make a leverage investing this past few months. I borrowed money and invest the money in mutual funds. The result is awesome, I will duplicate what I did and reap another rewards. Since leverage investing is very risky, it can also gave me a great rewards – an early retirement. BTW – leverage investing is the strategy of most rich people, that’s the reason why rich people are getting richer.

Agricultural Business (Entrepreneurship)

I started a year ago my agricultural business by means of hog raising. I invested time and money in agri-business and I know already the process. I have gilt and 7 hogs. the good thing is I already have my own pig pen.

The idea is to “think BIG”. If I can make 30,000 I can make 10,000,000. The profits in my hog raising business will be invested in stocks. I may say this strategy is “from livestocks to stocks”.

Online Business – Internet Entrepreneur

I will build more blogs, to be specific I need 10 blogs that earns $10 each blog everyday. That simply means my blogs are earning one hundred dollars a day. And I need to achieve this before the end of the year 2015.

So that by next year, I have online business that can gave me another passive income. The profits I make in my online business should be invested in mutual funds within 7 years.

Good luck to my retirement plan. I know God will give me success and achieve all my dreams in life. I promise, I will behave like my money. I will be quiet when I have more papers, rather than being noisy or proud like coins. The more I make the more silent and humble I become. That’s it.

I want to live the life I deserve. I deserve to ride a Ford Everest car (my dream family car), I will live in a two-story house with 3 bed rooms and one master bed room. My house should have a office wherein I my computers are there with mini home theater and study room and music room since I love to play a piano. I want to be in front of my computer and writing articles and making thousands everyday (my dream job), and to always be with my family every hour and every minute.

That’s exactly I want to do in my life. I don’t want a boss to teach me what to do in the morning. All I want is financial freedom and time freedom. Enjoy my life with my spouse and kids, give them a quality life and spend a quality time with them. To make that happen, I need to take action towards my personal retirement plan or retirement goal.

What about you? What are you personal retirement plan options? Whatever it is, take action and do not procrastinate. Do not delay your investments, save and invest now and reap your rewards later.

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