Personal Capital Gain in Stocks

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 22, 2015

Here’s my report on my personal capital gain in stocks investments as of April 2015. I know it is not ideal to mention a company or to tell you what stocks to buy in this 2015. But, it is advisable to start investing in stocks even though you are not familiar with it. First, you need just an experience or a hands on. And then, study and learn more along the way. When I started investing in stocks I never asked myself what stocks to buy. Instead, I asked myself, how do I start investing in stocks like a millionaire.

Due to my eagerness and willingness to learn, I did it. I opened a stock broker account, deposit some funds and buy stock shares. You might ask, how do you know that the stocks you bought is great. That moment, I never investigate and search (do some fundamental analysis stuff) and review a company management and services. What does really matter for me that time is to know how stock market investing works such as the procedures like buying and selling stocks.


Personal Capital Gain in Stocks April 2015

I bought shares last 2013 (under real estate company). After a year my investment gains 17%, not bad for a beginner. And I keep on buying shares every month and when I have extra money.

Capital Invested: 27,000
Stock Equity; 32,000

I gained for almost 5,000 within 2 years of experience. That’s the total profit I make within 3 years. So, what do you think about this profit? For me, this is great since I make money without doing anything. It’s better to invest in stocks rather than park your money in a savings account that earns only little interest.

What I want to do is to keep on investing until I get my TEA: a target earning asset amounting to 10,000,000 for my retirement. My plan is to acquire it as early as I can. i want to discover how to get rich fast, or let me just say, I am researching a shortcut to financial success.

Do share your experience in stock market investing. How much capital did you already invested in stocks? How many company stocks do you have in your portfolio? Are you gaining profits or just losing your money in the stock market? Leave a comment and share your ideas and opinions.

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