Passive Income Ideas to Make More Money at Home

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Passive income ideas that can help you make more money at home. If you’re looking passive income ideas and start working from home, follow these steps.

Here in, I sometimes write more articles about work at home ideas and business opportunities and most of these examples can be considered as passive income. There are numerous people who are looking for different ways to make more money even on the internet or what we call it as the “online business ideas”.


Today, I will share to you the examples of passive income online and offline. These examples maybe or may not be effective, therefore, the ideas here are just an opinion of the author. I am saying, maybe or not effective because the results are usually depends on how you will do the certain tasks.

What is a passive income anyway? It is a kind of income that is not requiring a time or additional investment. Passive income means you are making money even without working, in other words, your money is working for you.

It is a great achievement to have lot of passive income today, the benefits of having passive income is you can enjoy more time with your family and loved ones. Can I ask you a simple question? Who do you think are playing golf every afternoon or even during regular holidays? Of course, the successful business owners and the rich investors.

The statement I often read in the forums, blogs and business books is “if you want to get rich, start your own business”. That’s absolutely true. If you really love your day job but want only to earn extra income, some of these examples could help you to earn extra income because you can do some of these ideas before or after working hours.

You can consider these works as your second income and your primary income came from your salary wherein you spend 8 hours working for someone else. There’s nothing wrong on being an employee as long as you love your job and enjoying it, however, when it comes to answering your question on how to make more money, being an employee is not recommended.

Remember, a passive income doesn’t need your presence. But it is not easy to own a passive income business, meanwhile, you have to work hard and once your business will become stable, you can hire people to do the work.

Of course, to make more money at home, you should have a goal, and one of these goals is to earn additional income for your family aside from being an employee. Earning additional income is easy especially if you can follow the guide written here at

Warning: If you have a current job, do not quit. Stay working for someone else, but, when your business is stable, you can quit your job if you want to get focus in your business and make more money. There are certain risks to consider while starting a business and when investing your hard-earned money.

Things to Have:

  • Extra Time
  • Extra Money as Your Investment
  • Extra Efforts

Passive Income Ideas Available Online

Here are the easiest ways to make money online, and we can consider these as passive income ideas on the internet. Keep on reading each, choose one that suits your interest and start doing the work.

1. Affiliate Marketing as a Passive Income

What is affiliate marketing? This simply means selling other people’s product. There are affiliate websites in different niches such as health and beauty, career, dating, art, finances, game applications and even about parenting.

You will make money when you make a sale, you will receive commissions when someone buy the products you are affiliated with. Affiliate websites are giving their affiliates an affiliate links, you as a marketer, should use the affiliate links in order for you to get credits when someone buys a product.

How to make affiliate marketing as a passive income?

By just writing product review in different article directories such as EzineArticle, GoArticles, ArticleBase or write an articles in HubPage. Since your articles are always available, when someone (buyer) will search for a product, the buyer might land into your article and visit your affiliate link and make a sale.

Tips: Do not forget to include your affiliate links in the article. Write as many articles as you can about the products you are promoting

Required Investment: Enough amount to buy a computer/laptop and a 3 month internet connection.
Time to Spend: Only 2 to 3 hours of your extra time.

2. Blogging as a Passive Income

I can say blogging is one of the most popular passive income ideas that you can make online. What is blogging? It simply means writing an article in your own website, but this time, it is not too complicated compare to affiliate marketing. Just write what you know, your skills, your interest, hobbies and personal experiences.

It is easy to create a blog, however, to make a blog popular is difficult. But, when your blog is popular and has a lot of visitors, you can make more money by blogging.

How does blogging considered as a passive income online?

There are billions of internet users. People all over the world will use the internet to look for a solution for their questions/problems. Some people want to read news online, read the current events in their local area.

As a blogger, your task is to write articles about what people are searching for on the internet such as money, , love, gadgets like iPhones, android phones, smartphones, latest cars and its specifications price and pictures, computer softwares, girlfriends, textmates, school assignments, essays, poems, text quotes and even the board examination results.

Some people are searching for an answers to specific questions like, how to become a millionaire, how to succeed in life, how to develop self-confidence, how to invest in the stock market, how to make my parents proud, how to pass the board exam, how to become really rich, how to compute my net worth, how to date a celebrity, how to make my girlfriend fall in love with me and another good example question is “what are the examples of passive income?”, that’s why you landed in this page because you are searching an answer for that question.

Once you established your blog and it has a lot of visitors, you can sell products in your blogs or make a rental fee for some space of your blog especially if your blog is in “authority” in a specific niche. Authority blog means number 1 in search results when someone search for a specific terms, example topic, “make more money online”.

When someone searched for “make more money online”, and you have a niche blog related to “make more money online” that has a high rank with lots of informative content about the topic “make more money online”, that means, your blog can consider as a authority blog.

Tips: You can create a free blog at blogspot or wordpress, however, there are certain limitations when using their services. Recommended for beginners without a big investment capital.

Required Investment Amount: An amount enough for buying a computer or laptop and internet connection bill per month. Maybe around P20,000 or $500 to get started.

Time to Spend: Only 2 to 3 hours before or after your day job will be enough.

3. Join MLM – Multi Level Marketing

When joining in a MLM company, make sure it is registered in security and exchange commissions. Some things to consider in MLM company if it is good or bad are the products, the system, the legalities.

Make sure the product is valuable and useful. The system should be unique, do not join pyramiding scheme, and of course, the MLM company must have a business permits to operate.

My experience in joining MLM,year 2008, is my first MLM experience. I am excited because my upline explain to me the income opportunities, I joined and start making downlines, I made some money. But, I realized the product is not valuable and useful, the company product is just eBooks, wherein, some eBooks can download for free.

MLM as Passive Income

After you have chosen a MLM company to work with, this is the time to make more downlines, recruit people to join in your network. The more people joined under you, the more money you can make even without working.

Investment Amount: Some MLM membership package cost only P1,000 to P10,000. Some will cost you P20,000 to P50,000 for membership package. So beware, make sure you understand the MLM business before joining.

Time to Spend: 1 to 4 Hours of Your Extra Time

Conclusion: Making a passive income online require time, skills and hard work especially at the starting stage. But, when time goes by, especially when you are consistent in doing your task, your hard work pays off.

Passive Income Ideas at Home

Here are some of the best passive income ideas at home, these are easy to follow, easy to establish and easy to do business at home. You can do it yourself, as long as you have the passion to do it.

1. Entrepreneurship

Even an employee can become an entrepreneur. How to become an entrepreneur? To become an entrepreneur is so easy, however, to become a successful entrepreneur is difficult. You can start your own business in your extra time even though you are still working for someone else.

Think a product or service to sell in the marketplace. The more sales, the more money you can make. I started selling atchara (papaya relish) in a glass jar wherein my investment is only P5,000 and the profit is almost 30%.

How to Make Your Business a Passive Income?

Simple, hire people to do the task, to do the manufacturing process of your product, to do the selling and the money (profit) will come in. You only have to discover the power of leveraging. Use other people’s time and effort or use other people’s money. The beauty of entrepreneur is you are providing a job opportunities in your local community.

2. Make More Money with Agriculture

Swine/Hog raising is my chosen agricultural business. Just hire people to do the business for you especially if you are in the province area. It is simple, in one hog I can make a profit of P2,500 from starter age to growing stage (4 and a half months waiting period). You can make a 50/50 contract for the one who raised your pigs. Example, you raise 10 hogs with an investment amount of P60,000.

Expenses: P60,000 (piglets and feeds), P5,000 electricity and water = P65,000
Gross Sales: 10 hogs x 80kg (average weight) x P110 per kilo = P88,000
Net Income: P23,000
Net Income Divide by 2 = P11,500 for you and for the one who raised the pigs.

3. Investing Money

Investing is the best way to make your money work for you. Investing will make you rich. However, there are risks involved. The risk is often proportionate to return. High risk investment must have high ROI return on investment.  Invest your hard-earned money, you can do it by investing in the stock market, UITF (Unit Investment Trust Funds) and mutual fund investing.

Read about the different types of investments for further explanation about investing.

You can do the investing only once a month. It depends in your financial goal, if you are new to investing, have time to study more about personal finances such as the things to consider before investing like insurance, emergency funds etc.

Also, be careful and be smart when someone offers you an investment opportunity to avoid getting scammed. Ask the financial experts or the registered financial planner before making an investment decision.

As a summary, here are the lists of passive income ideas written at There are rich people who invest in real estate, I am just pointing out the easiest way, maybe, sooner we will discuss real estate investing as passive income for future.

1. Affiliate Marketing – make more money through sales commissions
2. Blogging – write articles about what people are searching for on the internet
3. Join MLM – sponsor more down lines and prepare yourself to make passive income
4. Entrepreneur – start your own business during your extra time
5. Be an Agriculturist – raise animals such as chickens, hogs or quail
6. Investing Money – invest in paper assets to make your hard earned money work for you in the near future.

Kindly share this list of passive income ideas to make more money not just today but also for the future. Have a blessed financial journey. Thank you for reading this guide, if you have questions and queries, please send me a message on email or on Facebook page.

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