Q&A: What’s the Official Retirement Age in USA, Any Idea?

Posted by Mary Grace under Retirement Planning on April 21, 2016

The final answer to the question, what is the official retirement age in USA. Share your opinion about this retirement topic.

What is the official retirement age in USA? 60 or 65? Actually anyone can retire. Retirement is not an option. It is a choice. You can retire young whenever you want to.


Most people do retire at 65, because that is the full benefit age. According to WikiPedia, the retirement age in United States for men and women is age 66. The earliest age workers may statutorily receive Social Security benefits and Medicare. As of 2015, the retirement age is 66 and it will increase to 67 by year 2027.

Retirement Age in USA is 66, What About in Other Countries

If in USA, the retirement age is 66, in other countries like Canada, men and women can retire at age 65. The official retirement age in USA and other countries are changing from year to year. To know more about the official retirement age in your own country, you must get information about the government agencies related to retirement services.

retirement age in usa

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It is wise to plan your retirement early. And it will be great if you will retire young. Why wait for the age of 65 if you can retire at age 55. The secret is careful planning.

What is retirement age in US should not be the best question you can ask even if you reside in United States. You need to ask yourself, how can I retire young.

If You are Financially Free

There is more things you can enjoy aside from working. You can only do it if you are financially free. And the good thing about being financially free is that it helps you to retire young. Therefore the question is, when can I achieve financial freedom.

There are many articles on retirement you can read to get answers about the official retirement age in US, they can also give you an idea about the pension system in USA. However, not all these retirement articles will really help you in planning how to really retire young, rich, happy and comfortable.

If you have any other questions regarding retirement age, please do write them in the comment box below. Thank you.

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  1. American Millionaire says:

    Thanks for this information Grace, may I know how are retirement benefits computed by the social security administration? Thank you.

  2. Sally Smith says:

    Are you allowed to retire at 50? Please answer this question. I am curious. TY

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