Online Stock Trading for Beginners

Posted by Grace under Investing on February 12, 2015

Online stock trading for beginners is very risky, but still there are many people buy and sell stocks using their computer in the comfort of their home. For experts in this field, trading stocks on the internet was just a simple game. That’s why I became very interested in giving an advice on how to trade stocks. A reader asked: How do I start trading stocks online? What are the necessary documents to proceed? Which online stock trading company sites are legitimate? I want to invest my money in the stock market. Please guide me. Thank you.


This is a simple query of reader. Let us discuss this topic today. Online stock trading is simply means buying and selling stocks using a certain medium. Few decades ago, stock brokers are dealing stock transactions using phone. Nowadays, stock broker are dealing stocks through online, wherein the trader is the one who will buy and sell stocks.


Online Stock Trading for Beginners

When trading stocks online, you need email, computer or laptop or even in your smart phone. You need an internet connection, of course make sure you have a fast internet connection because most of the stock broker company sites have heavy bandwidth.

Guide on Online Stock Trading for Beginners

Trading Guide | Photo Credit: John Morgan Under CC 2.0

Even though it is easy to create a stock broker account, you need to submit some requirements in the company office. Some of the forms needed to fill out are available in the official website.

Assuming you already submitted the necessary documents to a stock broker company, you have created an account with them and you are able to log in online trading platform. You need to fund your account, after you have funded your stock broker account, start learning and mastering on how to use the online stock trading platform. Some online stock trading platform has a free trading demo before you begin start buying and selling stock shares using real money.

Take advantage to learn and master the trading platform. Things to know are buying stocks, selling stocks, cancelling your order, preview your previous order, show trading transaction history, searching stock quotes and prices, looking for the equity value of your portfolio and other simple things such as editing your personal information and updating your tax information.

You can never perform online stock trading unless you have created stock broker account. In my next post, I will discuss the best online stock trading sites, what are the fees and which companies is the best. See also the best online stock trading and services 2015. So, stay tuned and keep visiting to learn more about online stock trading for beginners, stock market investing and mutual funds investing.

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