OFW Money Tips: Invest Your Hard-Earned Money & Enjoy the Philippines

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on March 12, 2017

Are you an OFW? Here’s the money tips for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) this weekend from Daily Investing Tips of InvestmentTotal.com. FYI, our readers are from North America but I (a blogger from Pampanga, Philippines) want to share some money tips for Overseas Filipino Workers.

It’s more fun in the Philippines than working abroad. True or true? You have no options, just believe it is true. When do you want to go home and enjoy your motherland’s beautiful nature? I know what you feel when you want to go home, hug your spouse, kiss your kids, get relax seeing the wonderful Mt. Mayon in Albay or playing around with your kids with the nice climate of Baguio City, but you can’t go home because you are working.


And the worst thing is, you can go home anytime, but you are worried that when you go home you don’t have enough money to sustain your family’s needs.

OFW Money Tips: Invest Your Hard-Earned Money & Enjoy the Philippines

Here are the money tips I can share to you;

  • Just keep on working abroad. Finish your job contract.
  • Send money in the Philippines and tell your spouse or kids to open a bank account.
  • Oh, the internet is amazing. Tell your kids or spouse to invest in Unit Investment Trust Funds using auto deduction. This investment option is available in almost every bank in the Philippines. You can track your money via online banking.
  • Invest in the Philippine stock market. Tell your kids or spouse to open a stock broker account. Any stock brokerage is fine. But I recommend COL Financial Group, Inc. visit website COLFinancial.com and start getting necessary information on how to start investing in the Philippine stock market.
  • Read the guide on how to open a COL Financial account.
  • Every time you send money in the Philippines, tell your spouse or kids to invest at least 10% of the money you’ve just sent. If you send P20,000, just invest P2,000 or P5,000.00
  • You can open a COL Financial account for as low as P5,000 and you can use that money in buying stocks.
  • After a year, you have stocks from different large companies in the Philippines. You can have Jollibee stocks, SM, Ayala, Cebu Pacific, San Miguel, etc.
  • You can also save money but make sure they will earn interest if they’re park for a long time. Investing is recommended. But do willing to educate yourself first. Reading books might help. Good thing, there are Filipino financial and investment experts who conducted investing seminars overseas. Catch them.
  • Do not impress other Filipino abroad. Be practical. Just be yourself and prioritize your financial goal before spending. You want to go home without worrying about finances? Save money, invest and use them to start your own business here.
  • Even though you are just earning a little, just save and invest. Keep on doing that. Make it a habit. Unless you want to work abroad forever, then forget saving and investing money.

Here’s the idea;

Imagine you are working as a crew in oil drilling company in the Middle East earning as much as P200,000.00. That’s a lot. Maybe you don’t want to go home yet, because you can’t earn it here. But if I will tell you now, that many of Filipinos who are making P200,000 every month with less effort and time? Will you go home and do what they’re doing? Of course YES.

Time and financial freedom are twins. What’s the sense of sending money for your family if you’re not with them whenever they want you. Why not choose both? Be with them and at the same time provide their needs.

OFW Money Tips: Save Money & Buy Things that Generates Passive Income

Save and invest money. Until you make it to the point that your savings and investments are working for you. Until it replaced you and work for you. If you saved P10,000,000.00 for a long time and this amount is earning 10% every year, you (I mean your money) are making P1,000,000 every year. Now, will you go home if you earn that much every year with less effort? Less effort because your money is working for you. But it doesn’t mean, you don’t have to track them.

Through investments and business, you can make your money work hard for you. See? Your money is working hard for you now,back then, you’re working hard abroad to make money. Save money and try to build an apartment units and earn money for rentals. Save money and use them to start your own business. Entrepreneurs & investors have unlimited income while employees have only limited income. And the best things that are happening to investors and entrepreneurs is that they are making a lot of money while they are just playing and relaxing. See the difference?

It’s More Fun (I Mean Money) Even Only in the Philippines

O I forgot to tell you, that my friend is a millionaire and it reminds me this quote “KENI MU ATIN”. A Kapampangan language which means in tagalog “Dito Lang, Meron!”. One day I met him again. He said he make more than one million pesos per month. He is a successful entrepreneur. Actually he is a frustrated OFW. He got scammed by an illegal recruiter. He told me that if he insisted to keep on looking an opportunity to work abroad, he didn’t achieved this much. He have many employees. And he’s a man of success. He’s not an OFW but driving a BMW car, has own company here in the Philippines, her kids are enjoying the many good things in life. I witnessed him how he succeed financially without working abroad.

You don’t have to be far away from your loved ones just to make money. Our Almighty God didn’t say that you should work abroad just to earn a living.

If every OFW will follow the money tips above, they will surely stop working abroad, they can go home anytime, be with their loved ones and surely enjoy the most amazing country ~ our motherland; the Philippines! Say something about this OFW money tips published by Daily Investing Tips | www.InvestmentTotal.com! If you want to know how to save and invest, just leave a comment below. To God be the glory! Thanks!

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