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Looking for NASDAQ definition? Read this page and know the definition of NASDAQ today.

NASDAQ stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation. Almost many of the more-tech stocks trade in this big electronic stock market. A stock market is market place wherein you can trade (buy and sell) stocks.


NASDAQ is a global automated computer system that provides up-to-the- information on approximately five thousand five hundred (5,500) over-the-counter stocks.

Whereas on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) securities are bought and sold on the trading floor, securities on the NASDAQ are traded via computer. 1

Terms Related to NASDAQ: NASD, NYSE

NASD stands for National Association of Securities Dealers. NASD is a membership organization for securities-brokerage firms and underwriters in the United States that promise to abide by association rules.2

It sets guidelines for ethics and standardized industry practices and has a disciplinary structure for looking into allegations of rules violations. The NASD also operates the NASDAQ Stock Market.3

NYSE. The New York Stock Exchange also known as NYSE was established on 1972. You can visit NYSE at Wall Street in New York, USA. NYSE is the largest securities in the United States of America. NYSE is headed by a board of directors that includes a chairperson and twenty representatives who represent both the public and the members of the exchange.

Other Financial Terms

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Dow Jones Industrial Average S&P; (Standard and Poor’s) 500 Index NASDAQ, NASD General-Obligation Bond
Federal Reserve System IPO Initial Public Offering Home-Equity Debt Growth Funds
IRA Individual Retirement Account Mutual Funds Index Funds Hedge Fund
Money Market Fund Balanced Funds Asset Allocation Convertible Bonds
Brokerage Firm Diversification Penny Stocks REITs Real Estate Investment Trust
Bonds Load Funds Net Asset Value Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds
Value Investing Sector Funds Investment Yield P/E Ratio
Dollar Cost Averaging Closed-End Funds 403 (b) Plan 401(k) Plan

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