Name It and Claim It Perception will Attract Positive Thoughts to Prosperity

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on July 29, 2016

Familiar with the phrase “name it and claim it”? What if we use “name it and claim it; believe it and receive it”? What does it mean? Do you know that these paraphrase will help you attract good things in life and help you obtain prosperity? The law of attraction is simple, all you have to do is to “create a thought (anything you want to have like money), and then believe those desires that you already have it in your hands. It’s so hard to use the power of minds. But when you practice it, it will become very easy.

The quotation was popularized by Phillip C. McGraw;


“You have to name it to claim it”

What does “name it claim it” really mean to prosperity gospel preachers? Is this biblical? Are the prosperity gospel preachers wrong?

I know you are familiar with the quotation “Ask, and you shall receive”. You can’t ask anything to the supreme power if you don’t know what you want. It is impossible for you to name all the things that you want if you are not really sure what are they.

Keep on reading this article and I will share to you my opinions about “name it and claim it” preaching. FYI: Prosperity gospel preachers are using the law of attraction. They preach their members to “get rich”. They inform the readers that the plan of God to all people is to make their lives prosperous.

Name It and Claim It Perception will Attract Positive Thoughts to Prosperity

That if you “name the things you want, you should claim it”. It is just a simple “faking yourself” strategy. This is effective since you are using your thoughts positively. You are not getting any doubts that you will receive everything you desire in this life.

But, the question is remain simple; “is name it claim it” the solution to prosperity? Is that the way you want to get rich? You will listen to prosperity gospel, they will ask you what do you want in life and they say when you go home everything you desire is already there.

Few months ago, share the great way to prosper in life. I didn’t mentioned the  popular “name it claim it” phrase.

Name It and Claim It Perception will Attract Positive Thoughts to Prosperity

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What Does Name It and Claim It Really Mean?

Maybe you ask, why I said that using “name it and claim it” will help you attract good things until you become prosperous. Is that true? Since you are aware of what you want, you can name name it and then soon you can have it. What does it mean? It simply means that when you are aware to the things that you want, you will focus on the things that you want and not on the things that you don’t want. Since you are focus only on what you want, you will do anything whatever it takes to get what you really want.

The “name it and claim it” applies some of the teachings in the law of attraction that says “turn your thoughts into things”.

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Want to say something about “name it and claim it” preaching? The comment box is open to share your thoughts and opinions.

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