How Can I Become Rich as a Kid?

Posted by Grace under Money on April 26, 2015

How can I become rich as a kid? A little boy asked because his parents are rich, he wants to become rich too at a younger age. I came from the rich family. My parents are business owners and investors. They can buy anything they want. My dad has a Ferrari car, stock options, and he love to play golf. My mom love shopping, dining out in a fine dining restaurant. She loves to travel, she always ask my Dad to buy a ticket plane to Safari, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Morocco etc. I do know they deserve it. My problem is my parents are too strict when I am asking for money from them such as school allowance, school tuition fees, etc.

Question #1: Why my parents are very strict in giving me money?
Question #2: I want to become like Dad, how can I become rich, too?

Rio K, 18 from Washington DC, USA
April 12, 2015 (Sunday, via Email)


How Can I Become Rich as a Kid?

You can be like them as long as you want. First, copy the mindset of your Dad. Always ask him what did he do why he became rich. Ask him his secret. And tell him, you want to be like him. Let him feel you are very proud of your Dad.

While you’re still young, study how to manage your parents businesses. When you have a free time (example, weekends or after school) go to your Dad’s business and know the system. Or you may want to ask your Dad to work for him every weekends until you learned everything about your Dad’s business.

If you will do it, your dad will be very proud of you. And sooner or later he will let you manage the whole business.

To make the answer short and sweet, here’s Total Investment advice!

Advice for Rich Kids

Spend your time reading business related topics. Prove to your parents that you are willing to learn business management. To become rich like them, ask them how did they do it. And do what they did. If you want to become rich just like your parents, someday you must start your own business, save some of your allowance and use it as your business capital when you’re ready to own a business (maybe after you finished a college course) or when your business capital is enough. Do not waste your business profits, as you have said, your Dad has stock options, your Dad is investing in the stock market. Where did he get funds? Of course, through his business profits.

You are so lucky you have a rich parents. It’s a great opportunity. Do not waste your time learning “money wasting habits”, instead, learn how to save your money and how to invest money for your future.

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  1. Mary Grace says:

    I think this is a good article to study on how to become rich as a kid..enjoy this post..For every kids out there, you can make money fast, you just have to learn how does things work..

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