Top Online Investing & Money Making Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Grace under Investing on September 23, 2015

Learn from this online investing mistakes wherein I lose money (capital) and time. Read this online investing experiences to avoid investing mistakes.

I want to share my online investing experience. Do you want to know how I discover online investments and how I get trapped on online investing scams? Read further. I know many of readers are very interested to know when and where to invest their money. However, some people are also became a victim of investment scams and online investing fraudulent activities.


When I discovered how to make money online, I became so aggressive in learning and taking risk just to earn more money. Making money online isn’t a rocket science. It don’t really required magic. All you need to earn money on the internet is skills. Computer skills and internet marketing skills.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

First I learned how to sell other people products. I became an affiliate marketer for few years. I made some serious bucks. I became an affiliate of a not so popular affiliate programs in weight loss niche and online dating niche.

Lessons Learned: Don’t sell the products that you personally used. Otherwise you will only tell a lie to your customers which is a bad idea.

Blogging for Money

Blogging is also enjoyable as long as you are interested in your topic. Few years ago, my topic is  not about business and investments. I just want to write about my personal life, what I am doing today, what is my dinner for tonight and how I take care of my pet. Only few people are interested to know about me. But, when it comes to the word “money”, people will do anything just to have it. They search it on the internet. FYI: Money is one of the most search words online.

Lessons Learned: If you want to stay longer in your business, choose the one that you’re interested and knowledgeable about. It is also important to know if the one you’re doing right now can help you achieve your life’s goal.

Like in my blogging and investing journey. I am very interested in investing money. allows me to share my knowledge and interest in investing money.

online investing is risky

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High Yield Investment Online

I tried it. When I joined some of the investment groups and “money making groups” on Facebook. I saw many people are investing in a high yield investment online. Wherein, an investor will earn almost 100% to 300% or more for few days to few weeks.

I get lured to many of the payment proofs. Some members show their $3,000 earning in one week, some are making $700 per day. I said wow, I think this is what I am looking for.

I fund all my payment processors such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, PayZa (also known as AlertPay) and Solid Trust Pay. PayPal is very strict. It don’t allows anyone to pay or transfer money to any of the high yield investments online.

I had a total of $1,500 in my payment processors. I invest all $1,500 in only one high yield investment online. After 24 hours, my $1,500 turn into $2,700. I am very excited. I tell myself, I think I will get rich fast. I get the calculator and compute my total return on investment, my investments gained almost 80% in one day. Amazing!

I became greedy. I didn’t withdraw the initial capital. After one day, the website wherein I invest my money closed. I asked members on the group, “why I can’t open my account?”. The members of the group immediately replied to my post. They leave a comment and said…

You should read announcements. The website is already closed.

How much did you invest? I replied $1,500…a member commented. “You shouldn’t invest that much”.

Is it possible to get all my money back? (Someone replied; “it’s impossible”.


I leave the group. I deleted my FB account. I think about my losses for a week. It hurts. For me that was a painful online investing experience. Imagine my $1,500 disappeared without any return. I’ve learned from that experience.

  • Know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t get lure to proof of payments.
  • Do not hesitate to ask.
  • Do not be greedy.

Did you have the same online investing experience? Let me know how much money did you lose in investing in high yield investments on the internet. What are the lessons you can learn from those experiences? Leave a comment below and do not forget to share this page with your friends!

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