My Fiverr Experience 2015 – Great Fiverr Experience Plus Review!

Posted by Grace under General Info on April 7, 2015

This Fiverr experience is amazing! April 2015, I started using Fiverr to look for virtual asistants. Those who can help me to do a specific task. I prefer to buy services in Fiverr rather than selling my own services. It’s been a great experience, cool! Here’s how it’s done!I’ve been looking for someone to do a certain task to make more productive. I am looking for an article writer, search engine optimization expert and anyone who can increase my Facebook Fan page.

In Fiverr – Fiverr.Com, you can sell or buy any services that most like done online. Example of this services you can sell or you can buy are as follows;


Graphics and Designing – Graphics and designing are good for people who are experts in cartooning, making a logo design, making a creative illustration, making an ebook covers or ebook itself, photography, photoshopping, making a flyers and business brochers, creating a business cards, making a banner ads for your website, making a social media design such as Facebook fan page logo, 3d and 2d modeling, website and mobile design, making a presentation and infographics, creating an invitations for your birthdays, debut, wedding, t-shirt designing and vector tracing.

Aside from graphics and design, people may also buy or sell services for their online marketing needs, they can also buy or sell article writing, video and animation, music and audio, business need, advertising needs and a lot more things.

I bought a service which especialize to make one of my website to get notified. First I am curious, and then I tried it. What I did is I search for an specific services I do really need (SEO and article article writing and Fan Page Likes). I first order for SEO services, I search “SEO Ranking”, many services have been shown. I choose the good one. I read the description and when I think it’s what I am looking for I make an order.

First – search services, specific services you really need.
Second – read the service “description”.
Third – do not forget to read reviews.
Fourth – analyze if the service (is what you’re really looking for).
Fifth – start ordering services (do additional if necessary).
Sixth – choose whether you pay your order via BitCoin or PayPal

When you choose PayPal – you don’t need to log in in your PayPal account if you have a credit a card. Just type the necessary information such as credit card number, name, address, etc.

After the order was successfully made, fill out the requirements immediately. Such requirements in my own experience when ordering an articles are “keywords, topic of the articles, send through PDF or word) etc.

Make Money on Fiverr

Many people on Fiverr are making money through the services they sell. The trick to make a lot of money in Fiverr is to create as many services as you can but make sure your services aren’t the same. Example, if you are an SEO Expert, you may sell service like “link building, Getting Page Rank, website analysis, getting a website on first rank on SERPs,” etc.

There are many services that you can sell to make money online. Even a simple logo making for a business website, getting likes to a business Facebook fan page, etc.

I had an extremely great experience with Fiverr. Through Fiverr, I can make things simple because of other people. I believe buying service from Fiverr is also a part of leveraging. In – we discussed already about leveraging. It’s your turn. Share your Fiverr experience, have you get scammed when buying services, get a poor services, a very sensitive client when selling your services? What? Tell us your experience! Have a nice day!

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