My First Time

Posted by Ma. Laorence Mallari under General Info on November 2, 2015

Excitement, enthusiasm, worries and fears are the emotions that I felt on my first time. There are many questions that coming out on my mind. I can’t describe the exact feelings I felt from that first time. How about you can you tell me your first time?

Common questions being asked about your first time are as follow:


1. Do you still remember your first time?
2. What did you do?
3. How does it feel?
4. Are you with somebody when you did it?
5. How do you look like when you did it?
6. How does other think about it?
7. Is the any regret?

My First Time Experience

It took me months in pursuing the plan, asking everyone especially those who had experienced that first time without any idea that I was planning to do it.

Yes! I still remember why I did it? How I did it? And how I dealt with that overwhelming emotions.

my first time experience

Image Credit: Trey Ratcliff on Creative Commons 2.0 – It’s Summertime for Little Girls

There were butterflies in my stomach and yet I was willing to take the risk because I know for a fact that this will change a part of me. I had hidden this desire for a long time but my heart was already set on my plan no matter what circumstances I might face.

Felt Strong and Carefree

Timid, gentle and quiet as they have described me but this was a life changing experience. I have exposed the other side of me when I did it. That move gave me adrenalin rush making me felt strong and carefree.

For others it’s not a big deal but for me it was. To me this was a great escape reality because of the situation I was into.

That big day came. I was with somebody who had the same plan but I was the one who was really eager that day. We were in a small room and I was the one who did it first. As I felt the needles puncturing my skin little by little, I heard sounds that made me felt nervous but I want to do it and I need to do it.

I Felt Victorious

And yes, the long wait was over. I felt victorious, I’ve handled it despite of my fear. I came out of my shell. That was the start of the change I have been waiting for.

As I had experienced it, I wanted more. It’s very addicting. I just can’t stop. Just thinking about it makes me excited. And now my mind is set to enjoy and treasure all those coming first time. I hope you do too.

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9 comments on “My First Time

  1. Yuri says:

    Thank you Miss Laorence for sharing this wonderful post. There are times I was wondering why my first time aren’t so exciting.

    I have no idea which of your first time experiences you are talking about, is your first kiss, your first love, your first choice in career, your first achievement. Anyway, this is interesting topic. My first time.

    This is not the first time I wrote a comment in this blog. I hope Gilbert will approve this comment. Thanks Lao, keep it up.

  2. Admin says:

    Thank you very much for the comment Yuri, I’m glad you liked the post.

  3. Hubba Flanx says:

    Short, simple and meaningful. I liked it and shared with my friends. Nice read.

  4. Cecille Honrada says:

    Great post from a lovely girl in pampanga philippines? Hmm, I have no idea how do you write a guest post in this blog. Gilbert, answer me. It’s unfair. Can you tell me how can I write one…grrr.

  5. Gilbert says:

    @Hubba, I agree, it’s meanigful.
    @Cecille, just email me (use the contact form in the contact page or send me your piece via FB chat). Oops, don’t just write, write unique and original article ^_^

  6. Cecille Honrada says:

    Yay! I will write one for this blog. Thanks a lot.

  7. Admin says:

    Okay, thanks. I think writing article in this blog is one of your first time experiences, am I right cecille?

  8. Warren says:

    One of the happiest experiences in my life,
    during my wedding proposal to my gf (now my wife). I am very nervous that day. I Thank God, she answered YES ^_^ Yahooooooo…

  9. Admin says:

    That’s great Warren. Thanks for the comment.

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