My Financial Journey to Millions USD$230,000

Posted by Grace under Investing on April 30, 2015

Here I want to talk about my financial journey to millions and my TEA – target earning assets worth USD$230,000 or 10,000,000 in my own country’s currency. If it will be dollars, I think it will only worth USD$230,000. A small amount of money that can help me enjoy my whole life. Having a great lifestyle is awesome, but based on my chosen lifestyle, 10,000,000 or USD$230,000 is enough for me.


Having a game plan (money game plan for my financial journey to millions) can help me to analyze which strategies is working, but I intend to focus my attention to investing such as UITF. I should invest 160,000 in UITF for about 6 years and track the results every year.


I am still in learning process when it comes to stock market investing and mutual funds. So, I choose unit investment trust funds, this type of investment can be done in the bank.

My Financial Journey to Millions Game Plan

I will double my effort in my businesses. I should have 10 sow for my hog raising agri-business. I started in backyard piggery style, my plan is to raise another sows.

My online business ventures are also another ways to increase my income. I should activate the other 3 websites of mine. I believe they are also useful such as this blog – – the investing guide for beginners.

My Goal to Financial Journey to Millions

My goal is to acquire 10,000,000 or USD$230,000 and invest it in an investment vehicle that earns 10%,my investment should earn USD$23,000 (twenty three thousand dollars per year. $23,000 per year is enough to sustain my lifestyle without having to work again. I want to retire young, retire rich and retire comfortable.

May God bless my goal and this plan. I do believe He will guide me and show me the best way to achieve my goal acquiring two hundred thirty thousand dollars as my target earning asset. Thank you for always visiting – a blog sharing investment tips for beginners.

Hey, what do you think about my personal financial journey to millions? Can you suggest some strategies on how to achieve this goal? May you have also acquire your earning asset as soon as possible. Happy investing to all my readers!

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