My Dream Home: Simple Elegant Design with 3 Bedrooms and Music Room

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 18, 2013

This is my dream home, a dream house. I know I can have it easily. When I was young I am dreaming of a beautiful house, I studied architect but I didn’t finished the course, I know how to design a house and I know what are the characteristics of a house that can be consider as a good home to live with my family.

I will build this house in safe place and safe community, free from flood and it has easy access to church, schools, market, malls and other important places. A home where I will raise my kids, to spend quality time with my beautiful wife.


My Dream Home Features and Highlights

I will build this house by following my own interior design, what I want in the exterior is that it is simple, and the combination of color.

3 bedrooms
2 toilet and bath
music and study room / library
my office
2 car garage for my BMW car and Ford Everest
Living room
Dining Room

It has complete unformed furniture from living room, kitchen and bedrooms. In the music room it has a piano and electric organ, in the study room or library it has complete “thesaurus or encyclopedia” and collections of finance books, of course I will teach my kids about financial literacy and entrepreneurial activities.What books? I have the books “science of getting rich, think and grow rich, the secret” and a lot more.

My Dream Home has a Study & Music Room

Aside from library and music room, it has also a office where in I have complete a desktop, preferably high end computers, digital cameras, audio visual appliances etc. And of course I want to feel the beauty of the morning every time I woke up, it should has a perfect land scape, simple plants, rocks, stones and woods. I know I can have this as soon as possible for I will do everything to achieve my goal.

Perfect Home for a Perfect Life Style

One of my goal is to have a perfect lifestyle, I believe anything I ask I will receive them as long as it has benefits to other people especially to my loved ones. I have some tips on how to achieve goal in life easily in my other post, read it and let’s achieve our goal beginning today.

Maybe you are asking why I am so simple and my dream home is so simple, I just want you to know that I have a rule when achieving my goal, one of my goal is to have this dream house, and one of my rule is when I am making any goal is should be realistic and attainable. I don’t want to have a dream house that can be found on outer space, got my point?

That’s my dream home! Simple but elegant, isn’t it? What about my dream car? Do you know what is my dream car? A simple BMW car and a Ford Everest for my family. What about you? What are your dream house and dream car?

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