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Posted by Grace under General Info on December 30, 2015

While I am checking my blog visitors interest, I found out that my blog visitors are really looking for ways to invest their money. Here I want to share to you the interest and geographic locations of my blog visitors. In blogging, you just don’t have to write, write and write. You need to find out how to generate blog visitors. Getting blog visitors is easy but I prefer to get visits from the search engines than to any social media like Facebook, Twitter or any social sites.

As I announced few months ago that Return On Investment blog was migrated from blogger to wordpress. I see big improvements from this site since I migrated it from blogger. The process is really difficult but it’s worth trying.


I installed redirection plugins, cache plugins, wordpress plugins to make my website load faster even if it has many images in one page. I also installed search engine optimization plugin like Yoast. I liked it. I am falling in love with

After six months of migrating process, here’s what I have experience;

  • My blog start generating organic traffic especially when I used Yoast seo plugin properly.
  • My blog getting traffic from social media because my readers can easily share my blog post.
  • I have learned a good website developing skills like “creating a wordpress blog” and “static website”.
  • I also learn how to modify my “php functions” and some important part of my website.
  • It is important to have a simple blog.
  • My goal in this blog is to make it look simple when it comes to design.
  • Simple but fast loading wordpress theme is all I need. Thanks to the developer of “quickpress”. wordpress theme.
  • I want to have a grade at least 90% for this blog when it comes to speed optimization. Thanks to w3 total cache.

Blog Visitors Interests

It is important to me to know the interests of my visitors. What’s the reasons why they are landed on my site. It is important to me to know who they are and where they came from. According to my blog stats from Google Analytics, majority of my readers are from United States.

My visitors are interested in;

  • Brokerage and Day Trading
  • Investor Relations and Venture Capital
  • Mutual Funds and Securities
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Retirement Investments

My Blog Visitors Interests is in Finance

Most of my blog visitors are interested in accounting and auditing, banking, business finance, business news and media. They are also looking for credit and lending companies. Other are looking for financial planning and management tips. Some visitors of are interested in insurance and investing. While young readers are looking for grants, scholarships and financial aid. While on the other hand, some visitors from other countries are looking for money transfer and wire services.

What about you? Do you know what’s the reasons why your visitors landed on your site? Do you know what they are looking for? Share your blogging experience and tell us about your blog visitors interests.

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