Mutual Funds Performance (Equity Funds) Philippines June 2013

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Here is the result for the mutual funds performance Philippines (Equity Funds) as of June 2013 , in order for you to know and decide properly on which company you should invest your hard earned money, this blog (nor the owner of this blog) is not endorsing any of these companies. Do you want to know the equity mutual funds performance (Philippines).

This blog is use only for sharing information and not as a based in choosing the right companies, please study, investigate and research all of these companies. I am only interested in Equity, maybe balanced funds performance will be updated in the following day, if you are interested in investing money, learn the basic of investing money here.


Note: Figures with a minus sign (-) denote a loss. All data are from the Philippine Investment Funds Association.Disclaimer: The consistency of mutual fund’s rate of return is one of the best ways to measure the performance of the company, however you must also consider the “risk” involved in investing especially in mutual funds.

Mutual Funds Performance Philippines 6/2013

YTD Return
1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
ATRKE Alpha Opportunity Fund 10.04% N.A. N.A. N.A.
ATRKE Equity Opportunity Fund 9.85% 19.43% 21.99% 18.07%
Philippine Stock Index Fund 9.76% 21.80% 25.49% 21.22%
Philequity PSE Index Fund 9.28% 19.80% 25.01% 22.20%
Philequity Fund 8.66% 19.81% 27.98% 25.64%
Philam Strategic Growth Fund 5.39% 10.87% 23.74% 21.50%
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund 5.35% 17.36% 23.52% 19.06%
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund 5.07% 14.18% 26.74% 24.79%
United Fund 2.11% 11.96% 11.30% 11.32%
ATR KimEng AsiaPlus Recovery Fund -6.97% 6.34% -2.37% N.A.

Important Reminders: The past mutual fund company’s performance of a fund is not and cannot be a guarantee of future profits or returns. This blog does not endorsing any of the mutual funds companies in the Philippines listed above. Do your own research and investigation before making the decision to invest.

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