Most Searched Words on Google United States for 2015

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Paris Under Attack is the most searched words on Google globally with 897,000,000 searches. In the United States, the most searched terms is also the Paris Under Attack.

Take a look of this list of the most searched words on Google United States in their “A Year in Search 2015”. With the use of Google Trends, we can easily identify the most searched terms on Google. The words or keywords with the highest number of searches aside from Paris Attack is Adele’s Year with more than 439,000,000 searches in the United States on November 2015. Most people in USA might searched the “Soaring back to the top with ’25’.


Election 2016 as the Most Searched Words on Google United States

The “Election 2016: the race begins” reached more than 338 million searches. Until today, many Americans are looking for 2016 Presidential Election updates on Google. Maybe many of them wants to know the different facial expressions of Donald J. Trump during the electoral debates.

In this blog when I wrote a topic about Donald Trump, my traffic increases because many people are searching for this name. Donald Trump biography, pictures, reactions on debates, Donald trump jokes are some of the words that are being searched on Google. Many people are searching for Donald Trump twitter, his wife and even Donald Trump’s net worth was being searched on Google.

An interesting topics about US Presidential Elections 2016 was received massive searches from Google. I get blog traffic because of these searched terms.

Most Searched Words on Google United States for 2015

Aside from Paris Under Attack and 2016 US Presidential Elections, here are the lists of the most searched words, keywords or terms in Google United States for the year 2015.

  • Star Wars with more than 155 million searches on December
  • Royals wint the Word Series with more than 144 million searches on November
  • Water on Mars with more than 10 million searches on October 2015

There are more than 14 million searches to the words or terms “The Pope Comes to America“. Pope Francis makes his first official trip on September 2015.

Adele Became the Most Search Name on Google USA

Many Americans are searching for Adele? Adele is a famous English singer and songwriter. Americans especially fans of Adele are searching for Adele’s year and net worth. Some are looking for his YouTube videos and compositions.

adele most searched name on google usa 2015

Adele’s Year was searched on Google United States

Adele’s Year receives more than 439,000,000 in United States in November 2015.

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal and Migrant Crisis

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal has more than 13,000,000 searches on September. Migrant Crisis with more than 23,000,000 searches.

  • Cecil the Lion (Death of an Icon) on July 2015 with more than 32,000,000 searches.
  • Women’s World Cup (The World’s Best Fight it out in Canada) has more than 113,000,000 searches on July 2015.
  • An Agreement Reached about Iran Nuclear has more than 20,000,000 searches on July 2015.
  • The Cuba and the US Restore Relations hits more than 27 million searches on July 2015.
  • A new ear in Late Night TV (Stewart and Letterman say goodbye to their shows) has more than 141 million searches in Google United States.

Other Most Searched Words on Google United States for 2015

Guns in America hits more than 160 million searches in United States. This 2015 considered as the year of gun tragedy.

When Caitlyn Jenner revealed he true self to the world, her name “Caitlyn Jenner” became trending in social media sites like Twitter. The searched terms “Caitlyn Jenner” hits more than 366,000,000 searches on June after she became a front cover of Vanity Fair.

The fight of the century of Mayweather and Pacquiao became one of the most searched words on Google United States on May with more than 216,000,000 searches. I blog about Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao. I received some hits via Google because many people especially in the United States wants to watch the fight of Mayweather and Pacquiao on live streaming.

When Princess Charlotte was born, many people in the United States are looking for some pictures of the newborn Royal baby. The words “Princess Charlotte is Born” hits more than 105 million searchers on Google United States on May 2015. Now you know how famous the Royal Families are.

Black Lives Matter hits more than 189 million searches. Black Americans are making some rallies and shout a “fight for justice”.

Same-Sex Marriage is Most Searched Words on Google US

In April 2015, one of the most searched on Google United States is the terms “Same-Sex Marriage”. The terms hits more than 108,000,000 searches on April 2015. I wrote my opinion about it some people are searching for the terms. Nobody reacts on my opinions, maybe they are afraid to reveal their real sex orientation.

Some of the most searched terms are Nepal Earthquake that gets 85,000,000 searches on April. The Farewell to the Brightest Stars received 123,000,000 searches on February, the Oscars 2015 (87th Academy Awards) received more than 406,000,000 searches on Google United States. Of course, the term “The Dress” became trending on Februrary that receives more than 73,000,000.

There are many internet users in United States, and they are looking for useful information about the latest news and events. I hope you liked this post about “A Year in Search” from Google Trends. Share this with your friends.

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