British Banks – Popular & Largest British Banks for 2015

Posted by Grace under Banking on January 21, 2015

List of British Banks by popularity. The largest, top 10 & most popular British Banks as of 2015.  Just answering the queries about the top and most popular British Banks for 2015. After I posted an article about the blue chips stocks in UK, one of the reader is curious and want to know if the British Banks are also considered blue chip stocks. Here is the question I’ve got from my email message.

“I just want to know if the top British Banks (example Royal Bank of Scotland group, Barclays, etc. are also blue chips stocks”.


Answer: The Royal Bank of Scotland Group is one of the blue chip stocks. I have no idea if Barclays is also one of UK blue chip stocks under banking and finance sector.

British Banks – Popular & Largest British Banks for 2015

Aside from Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland Group, here are the other British Banks or the other largest banks in UK (United Kingdom) that you might want to search;

  • HSBC
  • Lloyds Banking group
  • Standard Chartered
  • Bank of England
  • Central Bank

May I suggest to please before investing in stocks and you prefer to buy blue chips, kindly read the post about how long are blue chips stocks blue and  the guide in investing in stocks for beginners.
Please keep in mind that there are things to consider before a companies’ stocks should consider as blue chip. I hope I answered your question clearly.

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