Most Countries Searching for Facebook this Year?

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 9, 2016

Guess what, people in Venezuela are searching for Facebook. Do you want to know from which countries belongs the people are mostly searching for Facebook? Here are the top 10 list of countries that are searching Facebook often times this year.

Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world. It has a billion users. Mark Zuckerberg make his fortune through building this awesome online social media. Facebook is also one of the most searched word on Google, according to our latest post.


Trivia: Facebook Trending Widget Became Live on 2016. Now you can see what’s the top trends on Facebook easily whether you’re interested in entertainment, politics, technology or internet.

10 Countries are Searching for Facebook

According to Google Trends, there are specific countries that are searching for Facebook this year, Take time to look and find out who are searching for FB and where they came from.

  1. Venezuela
  2. Peru
  3. Ecuador
  4. Algeria
  5. Tunisia
  6. Bolivia
  7. Turkey
  8. Romania
  9. El Salvador
  10. Mexico

And the cities that are searching most for Facebook are Caracas, Adana, Ankara, Bogota, Bucharest, Istanbul, Mexico City, Izmir, Buenos Aires and Hanoi.

Why Do People are Searching Facebook on Google?

It is because they don’t know how to properly type the domain name or the URL of facebook in their browser. That’s why, they go to Google first and then search for Facebook.

The common mistakes of these practice is that people who are searching for Facebook will possible misspelled the Facebook. It can become Faecbok, Facebok, Facbok, or even Facbook. This practice was already discussed in my previous post.

What about you? Do you type the Facebook URL on your browser or do you search Facebook first on Google before you go to the homepage? Let me know what you’re thinking about this practice.

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2 comments on “Most Countries Searching for Facebook this Year?

  1. tina@ Pro Finance Blog  says:

    Nice topic you choose Mary! Google’s Most Popular Search Terms of 2015 is Lamar Odom.
    In Nov 2012 yes facebook is the most popular search term in google.
    As we know currently we want to connect with people easily and directly. Cause behind it may be personal or professional but our main aim to say about us and know about others interest. And Facebook is that social site which fulfill all our wish.
    The features list of facebook is so long that one have to spend many days to learn how to get benefits from those.

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Tina, thank yo for sharing other keywords that are most searched on Google.

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