Does More Articles Means More Traffic and Money?

Posted by Grace under General Info on January 9, 2015

An interesting question in blogging; does more articles means more traffic or organic hits to your blog? I am curious in this blogging question, do I have to write more articles to generate more traffic and make more money? Is it enough to write few articles, drive traffic to it and earn more money? This is one of the common questions asked by many bloggers, of course I include myself to those bloggers who are fanatic of million blog traffic hits. What’s the sense of having a blog if no one will visit and read your content?

Blogging is a rewarding career, a rewarding job. When you have a stable blog visitors, let’s say hundred thousand page views per month, the money will just comes in. But of course, it always depends on how a blogger is monetizing his blog.


More Articles Vs Few Articles

If you have a multi-niche blog, there is a chance that your blog can generate millions of traffic hits per month (actually even per day is possible). To generate million hits per day, the answer is writing more articles and optimize your blog pages. This simply means, you will not just write more, you also need to do some SEO or search engine optimization to get million blog traffic. In my case, I just write, write and write and share my articles using social media sites preferably in Facebook and Twitter. That way, my blog is getting traffic from Twitter and Facebook.

If you have a multi-niche blog, you can write anything. Write what other people are searching for on the internet. There are many peoples who usually find a solution to their problems especially if it is related to health, fitness, weight loss, computers, internet, softwares, popular websites, etc. People are searching for a solution on how to block some Facebook users, or to unfollow Twitter accounts. Many people are searching on how to download a video from YouTube, how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files.

Only Few are Interested to Read Your Articles

While if you have a focus niche blog, say for example “personal finance” niche. Only few people are searching for personal finance related topics such as money saving tips, investing strategies, asset allocations, budgeting, wise spending, etc.

Take note of the website, this websites can generate millions page views per day. Because the website has a topic about money, health, relationship, lifestyle, fashion, travel, etc.

More Articles Means More Traffic

My Conclusion: Whenever possible, build a multi-niche blog. It is easy to write more articles when you have a multi-niche blog. Compare to focus niche, sometimes you are out of topic, you don’t know what to write or what blog topic should you discuss for today. However, when it comes to conversion rates, of course focus niche are winner. Therefore, if you want to make a lot of money, build a focus niche, drive traffic to it, sell affiliate products and make more money. The more traffic in a focus niche blog, the more money you can earn.

Going back to the question, which is better to get more blog traffic? To write more articles or to write few articles in a focus niche blog? The answer is, write more articles in a focus-niche blog, optimized those pages (do the SEO thing), drive traffic to these pages and convert your visitors into regular customers. That way, you can make a lot of money.

It’s your turn! Share your point of view about this topic. I do really love comments from other bloggers and readers! What is your blogging strategies and how do you usually generate traffic and make a lot of money through blogging.

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