Money or Love Discussions: The Final Answer

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Which is more important, money or love? This is a very sensitive topic to talk about today. The final answer is depends on the belief of a person or how a person’s mind was programmed when it comes to riches and poverty. There are many people in this world, but there are only two types – the poor and the rich. Maybe you think three – because there is the “middle-class people”.

Rich and Poor People

How do rich people handle money has a very big difference on how poor people handle money. For rich people, money is important but for poor people, love is important. If you ask yourself, is money more important than love? Or love is very important than money?


Well, you can answer this easily if you know who you are, what do I mean “if you know who you are”? Money and love works in all aspects of life, they have different functions.

One of the reasons why rich get richer is because they know the importance of money. The reason why poor people are getting poorer is because they are fighting for their philosophy about money, they say love is more important than money. That’s why poor people have problems when it comes to finances but give them a big vow when it comes to love.

Assuming you are not a rich or a poor person, or let me just say, you are just drifting in this planet earth. No directions, no clues, no goal and no mission, so that, you can relate yourself in this topic. I will just repeat, consider yourself not a rich or a poor person.

Money or Love is All That Matter

If you know the song, you will fall in love. Some are agreeing with the statement “love is all that matter”. Yes it is, if you will just use the one part of your body – your heart. But the statement was wrong if you will use the other parts of your body – your mind.

Now, your mind and heart has different functions, one is to think the other is to feel love and be loved. If I will ask you, which is more important, your brain or your heart? I guess you absolutely say, they are both important.

Let’s Justify the Importance of Money and Love
You want to prove to your parents that you love them so much, on Christmas day, they want you to come home. Can you just say, oh Mom Dad, I love you so much I have no money for the ticket plane, it is very expensive. I love you so much, don’t forget about it.

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What will you use to buy a plane ticket? Of course money, try to buy a ticket using your love. And the cashier might call the security guard and arrest you for “brain malfunction”.

Now, you have your spouse and want to prove you love her so much. The utility bills, credit card bills and other debts are coming, and your wife is in trouble because she thinks about the finances to pay for these things, can you just say, honey I love you muah muah, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. What do you think she would feel, of course, disappointed. Now try to go to the bank and pay your credit card bills using your love, one of the bank staff might call a security because the bank might think you are insane.

Now, you have your kids, they are entering a college, your son want to be a doctor and he is the valedictorian in his class during high school days. Can you just say, I love you son, can you please stop dreaming, try to look for a job now, what do you think your son’s reaction? Of course, disappointed. Now, try to go to university where your son wants to study a medicine, try to pay your son’s tuition fee using your LOVE. What do you think the registrar or the university cashier might think about you? You know it.

Assuming you have an infant child, your baby want to drink a milk but you have no money to buy for a milk, can you just say to your baby, hey baby, stop crying I love you so much, or go to the store and buy an infant milk using your LOVE. Imagine that!

Money or Love Common Sense

Money and love are both important. Sometimes in life, love is important than money. Example, parents are rich they have a lot of money but they are not feel complete if they don’t see their children. Sometimes money is more important than love, example, parents love their children so much but they can’t help to give their children a good future because they always reason out education is expensive.

It is always depends on how you use love and money. Just ask yourself, which is more important, your eyes or your mouth? You can eat without your eyes but you cannot see something without your eyes even if you have mouth. They are both important, their functions are important.

You can’t survive nowadays if you don’t have money and love. That’s the final answer: money and love are both important.

Do you have any reasons or ideas about money or love? Can you prove it to me now that love is important than money or vice versa. If you find this article useful and meaningful, share it!

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