Money is Everything in Life (Agree or Disagree)

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Do you agree with the statement money is everything in life? Many people don’t agree with this statement. They say “money is not my priority”, but suddenly when they need to do something, money is all they really need. Let’s justify the statement here in! Keep on reading.It is true that we born wearing nothing. But is our choice to die for nothing or keep on striving for success. The old saying goes “money is the root of all evil” is not true. If you get rid of money, money won’t come to you. If you love money, money will love you back. It’s just a “secret relationship” between money and your brain.

Money is Everything in Life

When you get troubled financially, the first thing that affects that sad situation is your relationship (your marriage). A husband is the one who will seek everything needed in the whole family.


I know you are a “father” and a husband. Or someday you will become one. Let’s assume you have a “beautiful and gorgeous wife”. If you really love your wife, you should give everything she needs to maintain her fabulous body and pretty face. She needs money to spend for hair salon, a money to buy cosmetics, a money to spend for fitness membership.

Tell her that you have no enough money to give her wants and needs. You will feel really guilty as if you’re the most “stupid” guy in the planet. You may think easy or comfortable when in fact you can’t give what she wants, but in the end, you may realize that you don’t really love her and really care.

Now, let just reverse the situation. Your wife speak out “honey, I need to pay the monthly membership in Fitness first” and you just replied “pay that membership 5 years advanced”. What about that?

Now, she then ask you “I need to attend a wedding day of my friend”. You may just replied  “I want your friends to feel amazing when they saw you, go shopping, buy an elegant dress, buy a nice wedding gift, spend some time to visit hair salon”. It is a very exciting moment when that great time came into your relationship wherein “money will never be an issue again”.

Your kids grow up. Your son tell you to study in the prestigious university and he wants to study medicine doctor. You may just simply “nod”, “feel doubt” or you may replied “that’s expensive, I can’t send you to that university, go to colleges and take another course”. You will feel really bad, and your son, too.

Isn’t it great to respond like this “oh son, that’s a not a good university, I will send you to Harvard University, I am very proud of you, pass the entrance exam, get admit and tell me how much do you need including your allowance when you’re studying there.” Your wife may added; “be the best Doctor in the world, my son”.

Isn’t it great if you show the ITF (in-trust-for) investment account to your son? And your son is wondering, where did you get this money dad? You may simply replied “I invest since you were a month old”. Take it son, it’s yours.

Don’t just wish to be the best dad or parent in the world! Take action, the days are coming too fast. A 5 years time is just a blink of your eye. You will never know, you’re old enough and not capable to work hard to make money and invest it. Today is the right time to invest. Don’t blame anyone if you can’t send your son when he decided to take a medical course in Harvard University,  don’t feel stupid if your wife wants to retire in a beautiful place wherein money is the tool to buy anything such as luxury and comforts.

Now, you know what I am talking about if I say money is everything in life. Do you get my point? Any comments or reactions? Join the conversation below and start making creative thinking!

So, stay tuned to – a personal finance blog, a waste of time, a blog that sucks! In our next topic, we should discuss how money can affect your faith in God, can affect your friends and human relations.

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