Money Can’t Buy Happiness but It Can Buy BMW Car

Posted by Grace under Money on March 11, 2017

Money can’t buy happiness. That’s what many people believe. But when we extend the sentences,we can prove that money can buy happiness. Here at Daily  Investing Tips, let’s change our negative beliefs about money to  positive ones. Just always remember that money can really make a person happy.

Will you not become happy if you can buy all the things that money can buy? Say for  example, if  you can buy a BMW car without taking or applying for car loan,do you think a BMW car can’t make you a happier person? Not all people drive a car.Not all people who can afford to buy a car can afford to buy a BMW car.


People’s Money Beliefs

We can’t blame other people if they truly believe that money can’t buy happiness. Many people are happy not because of money but because on how they feel. A simple meal but  all family members are eating together can make us happy. True or true?

But I want you  to think what did you use  when preparing your meal? Isn’t it you buy the ingredients? Again, what did  you use  when you bought the ingredients? Of course, money not your “smile”.

I hope you got  my point. When  other people said that money can’t buy happiness, they’re just making a big lies. They may think money can’t make them happy but money can pay the internet bills and electricity bills which are almost the same thing.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness but it Can Help You Buy the Things Your Family Need and Help You Go Anywhere You Want

Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a Ford Everest model 2017 for my family which is almost the same thing. Money can’t make you happy but it can buy a plane ticket to Paris with your girlfriend which is almost the same thing.

  • Money can buy BMW car, a Ferrari, Audi sports car or Chevrolet Camaro
  • Money can buy house and lot
  • Money can buy stock shares, can help you invest in mutual funds
  • Money can feed your mouth and fill your stomach
  • Money can’t buy happiness but it can help you travel the whole world 365 days turn around

No doubt, money can buy a man a happiness. Whatever can make you happy,money is the solution to get the things or  to do the things that can make you happy. Now you know that money can buy happiness, don’t tell me you don’t believe it. Stay tuned to Daily Investing Tips for more money quotes, money sayings,investing tips and personal finance advice.Starting today, change your money belief positively.

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