Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn in Australia: for Money or Career (Opinion)

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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn fight will be held Brisbane, Australia in July 2017. Many people are asking why Manny Pacquiao team choose Jeff Horn as his next opponent inside the ring. Here are some of the comments of the netizens when one of the facebook page, post the Pacquiao vs. Horn news.

Boxing is business…yan po ang kasagutan dyan bkit si Horn ang napili ni Pacquiao na labanan, alam ntin na si Horn ang top aussie welterweight, at sa brisbane ang market, mayaman ang australia at sabik sila mgkaroon ng blockbuster fights sa lugar nila lalo pa at si pacman ang lalaban…


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You know what this comment means? It was written in tagalog, a Facebook user think that Manny Pacquiao choose to fight Jeff Horn because Horn is the top Australian Welterweight. He added, Australian people are rich. He think he can afford to watch the upcoming event of Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn in Brisbane Australia. He also added, that Australian are excited to have a blockbuster fights in their place.

Manny Pacquiao to Fight Jeff Horn for Money in Australia (Opinion)

The comment I saw on Facebook has good point. First, Brisbane is one of the most populous city in Australia. Second, it is also true that Australians can afford to watch Jeff Horn Vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. Third, boxing is a business. Who said it is not?

Manny Pacquiao Vs. Jeff Horn in Australia: for Money or Record (Opinion)

Facebook Comment

If boxing is not a business, then how come Senator Manny Pacquiao became a billionaire? Every sport is a business. Whether it be a basketball, football, boxing, baseball, etc. The player/athletes, make money. Why in the first place they are working hard and get tired. Is it for passion only, no it is because they want to win in the game. And if they win, they make more money. In winning or losing, players are making money.

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What do you think about the comment I shared? What do you think the reasons why Manny Pacquiao choose Jeff Horn? Is it for money or for another great boxing record? Leave a comment below and do not forget to share how can we watch Pacquiao Vs. Horn live stream online. Thank you!

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