Make Money Online Complete Guide for Beginners

Posted by Grace under Business on August 18, 2013

Do you want to make money online? Know the complete guide for beginners on how to make your first dollar online. Do you know the basic fundamentals on how to make “not easy” money on the internet? Maybe you are asking, why there is a quote and unquote in my sentence, “not easy”, well because there is no such thing as “easy money”, you already know that, right? Now, if you are serious in making money online in a nice and legal way, keep on reading and you are on your way to success for I will tell you some of my secrets and the things that I am doing how I am earning a living on the internet, you can call me a “netreprenuer” an internet entrepreneur. This is not a “get rich quick scheme”, nor teach you how to become rich fast. This is a simplify method about online business. You may want to bookmark this guide if you just want, however you should take action to make money, just do all the things that I am saying in this complete guide, actually a semi-complete guide for beginners.

Let us discuss the different ways on how to make money on the internet, okay let’s proceed. We should talk not only the way and the requirements and the things and materials needed.


Thing’s You’ll Need to Make Money Online

Please prepare the following things and materials needed in order for you to get started. If you don’t have any of this, it is impossible to earn cash online, that’s why it is highly recommended to prepare these things. If you don’t have these, stop reading, for this is not the right time for you to become a “netrepreneur”, you might want to read another topic about career and financial success – how to become happy and rich? rather than reading this article on how to make money online complete guide for beginners.

computer /laptop
internet connection / wi-fi
email addresses
payment processors like PayPal, SolidTrustPay, PayZa etc)
ATM Debit Card / Credit Card (optional)

Ways to Make Money Online

We will going to make a collections and discuss them here one by one with step by step instructions on how to do it (even DIY method or the do-it-yourself method), please be aware that not all programs or ways mentioned in this topic is not effective, if you found effective ways written here, just stick to it and do it over and over again until you make a lot of money.

Some ways are effective to other people but not effective to you, some ways are effective to you but not effective to other people, so, my suggestion is, just do what you love and do one at a time and until you found the most effective. try to do this with extra effort and you will see results (maybe months or after 6 months, a year or two). It always depends on how you do this ways on how to make money online.

Make Money Online #1: Selling Your Own Products

This should be the first way to discuss for it is the easiest way on how to earn money on the internet, do you know that I am selling products online, any products of your own, from small things to appliances and even real estate properties or cars, you can also sell your own services online. Selling products online has been discussed about how to start your online business topics.

But HOW? the big QUESTION! If you have products to sell, try to advertise on different local or international e-classifieds like and other sites. Write a very effective classified ads, post the condition of a produts, if it is in good condition just tell it no dents and rust and scratches, you must also indicate the price and don’t forget to emphasize that it is so “:chief and reasonable”, your location, and must put your contact details such as phone numbers, emails, contact address.

And when someone ask you about the products, you must assist him until you closed the deal by enclosing the transaction, of course sealed it legally even if customers found you only online.

There are many ways to make extra money on the internet, I will post them regularly in this blog. For the meantime, read some important topics on how to become rich here, and please also subscribe to our daily updates by liking our Facebook page and enter your email address to get daily updates easily directly in your inbox or via social sites.

In my next article, you can learn something about  making money online through affiliate marketing.

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