Make Extra Money while Studying in College

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Some students wants to make extra money while studying in college. They want to make money when they have few hours, maybe after school. While other students are just focus on their study. College students can earn money easily compare to students at a minor age (below 18 years of age).

Making money as a student is a good idea. This will help you generate funds for your tuition fees or other bills in school. Instead of just relying to your parents for financial assistance, you should do some thing to make money and help yourself to finish studying in school.


I know a lot of students who don’t have to apply for a student loans just to finish college course. They are smart enough to generate money for themselves while they are studying in college. Are you a student who is willing to work part time and forget students loan? If yes, keep on reading and I will share some tips and tricks on how can you make extra money while studying in college.

Ways to Make Extra Money while Studying in College

This guide is applicable if you are studying abroad. However, some of these tips might not be effective for students who wants to earn money fast.

Make Extra Money while Studying in College

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Apply for a Part Time Job

You can apply for a part time job while studying in college. You can apply for a job as a service crew or an agent. Pizza delivery, car wash, or any job that you can perform will do help you to make extra money.

Sell Products or Services

Even a student can earn money while in school. Think about a product or services that you can sell. What skills do you have right now? Do you know how to write an article? Do you know how to paint, how to design a web page. Those are some of the skills you can sell while studying. But how can you sell them to make money?

Visit and start selling your skills, products or services. For every sales you make, you can earn $5 and you will get paid via PayPal.

Sell Your Own Products in School

Do think about a product that you can sell to your classmates. You can sell food, t-shirt print or anything that you think your classmates or school mates will likely to buy.

Those are some of the practical ways on how a students can earn money while studying in college. Share this page with your friends and let me know if you have other questions by leaving them in the comment box.

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