Lost Social Security Card? Here’s the Possible Solution

Posted by Grace under Insurance on March 14, 2016

What would you do if you lost social security card? What would you feel? Stressed? Disappointed? Sad? Well, if those are your reactions when you lost your social security card, that means, you know how important the card is. A simple card that has a great impact to every people in United States.

According to Wikipedia, Employee, patient, student, and credit records are sometimes indexed by Social Security number. That means, as long as you know your SSN or social security number, you’re ok. But the problem is you didn’t remember your social security number. The problem will only arise if you don’t know your SSN. So, here is the possible solution if you lost social security card.


Other Americans are using social security number as their identification number. The social security card has many functions and purposes. Why Social Security Administration issued the car to the citizens if it is useless.

Lost Social Security Card? Here’s the Possible Solution

You need to visit Social Security Administration office and get a replacement for your lost social security card. Just complete the application for a social security card also known as the form SS-5.

lost social security card

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You need to present any important documents that shows your identity. Or bring any other government valid IDs. For US Citizens that was not born in United States, they need to show proofs of their US Citizenship. And for not US citizens, just show evidence related to their current lawful non-citizenship status.

Please note, the replacement card will have the same name and number to your lost social security card.

Let me know what can you say about this guide. What do most Americans usually do for the lost social security card? If you have further question, just visit the SSA official website or office address.

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