How to Generate Long Tail Keywords?

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Learn how to generate long tail keywords easily by using Google Keyword Tool and other SEO tools. Looking for long tail keywords ideas and examples? What is meant by long tail keywords?

Maybe you realize that a long tail keyword is a targeted keyword wherein you will get qualified visitors. Qualified visitors tends to convert well. It means, you need to LTK if you want to generate sales.



Long Tail Keywords Definition:

Long Tail Keywords are the words typed in a search box by an internet user to find a specific information or product. (That’s just my own opinion). In this page I will add some examples of long tail keyword ideas and use some of these keywords to get blog traffic hits from search engines.

There is no big deal in SEO when it comes to long tail keywords. All you need to do is to find keywords, compile each keyword and their “long tails”

How to Generate Long Tail Keywords?

Example: Let us use the word “web host”, “web hosting company”, and “best web hosting company” and “best web hosting company for big sites getting huge traffic”.

 Keyword Possible Long Tail Keywords
Seed web hos
2 web hosting company
3 best web hosting company
4 best web hosting company for big sites getting huge traffic

In our example, the main or primary keyword is “web host”, secondary keyword is “web hosting company”, third is “best web hosting company” and fourth is “best web hosting company for big sites getting huge traffic”.

The primary keyword are very broad, the internet user is not ready to purchase whenever he is typing on the search box using primary keyword. The primary and secondary keyword are commonly used by an internet user when he is trying to look for information, again, he is only looking for information but not still ready to buy. The third and fourth keywords are considered as the long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords Definition and Example

Long Tail Keywords Example

The third keyword in our example are also use for information but this time the searcher might purchase a web host, and importantly the fourth keyword is a very good example wherein your visitor is very ready to purchase, his credit card is on his hands and decide whether to buy a web host or not.

The long tail keywords ““best web hosting company for big sites getting huge traffic” is a very good example, it indicates that a user might ready to build his website and planning to get millions of visitors that’s why he is looking for a “best web hosting company for big sites getting huge traffic”.

Use Long Tail Keyword Tool

It’s up to you if you want to use keyword suggestion tool when finding a long tail keywords. But, it is still ideal if you will use Google keyword planner tool when searching for keywords because you will know the monthly searchers (traffic volume), competitors and other things such as suggested bid, just in case you will advertise on Adwords.

Generate Long Tail Keywords

Do not use keyword generator! Don’t make life complicated, you can do it on AdWords. Go to Adwords Keyword Planner Tool (owned by Google, Inc.) log on to your account, search for new keyword, then, press keyword ideas instead of ad group ideas.

You can also see some long tail keywords when you use Google suggest, UberSuggest, etc.

This way, the keyword ideas will show immediately. You can see the average monthly searches, suggested bid and analyze the competition in a specific keyword. You can start by ranking long tail keywords with high monthly searches with low competition.

In our next topic, maybe we will write about how to integrate or use the long tail keywords inside your blog content. We are still learning that process, stay tuned!

What can you say about this guide on how to generate long tail keywords? Did you find it useful and complete? Tell us your tricks on how you collect long tail keywords, did you spend money on it or you just use free tools? Have a nice blogging day!

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