Living Large Sweeps: Online Sweepstakes Scam Alert

Posted by Guest Author under Scams and Frauds on July 19, 2016

I received lots of emails from Living Large Sweeps. I wonder why Living Large Sweeps is aggressively send promotional email. In their email message, Living Large Sweeps address is;

Living Large Sweeps
675 VFW Parkway #168
Chestnut Hill MA 02467


The last message I received from Living Large Sweeps is about their $250 WalMart Card. The sender email address is When I visit the, it will be redirected to a squeeze page of

What I have noticed about is that it attracts the visitors to sign up for their newsletter (promotions) via email.

“Have you been looking for access to the web’s most exclusive contests and giveaways? Then look no further! All you have to do is sign up below, and you’ll be eligible to start winning CASH prizes, gifts, and other rewards as provided by LivingLargeSweeps. Enter your email below to get started:”

Warning Signs of Sweepstakes Scams

One thing I have noticed that the website has no about and contact page. Are the email message I received legitimate? Instead of asking other people if the promotional message I received from Living Large Sweeps are true, I read an article about the different warning signs of sweepstakes scam. And here’s what I found from written by Sandra Grauschopf;’s Contests & Sweepstakes Expert

  • Sweepstakes Scams Want You to Pay to Receive the Prize
  • Sweepstakes Scams Use Free E-mail Accounts
  • Sweepstakes Scams Tell You You’ve Won Contests You Don’t Remember Entering
  • Sweepstakes Scams Send You a Large Check with Your Win Notice
  • Sweepstakes Scams Instruct You to Wire Money
  • Sweepstakes Scams Pressure You to Act in a Hurry
  • Sweepstakes Scams Ask for Bank or Credit Card Info to Receive Your Prize
  • The “Win” is From a Lottery (Especially a Foreign Lottery)
  • Sweepstakes Scams Don’t Know Your Name or Other Info
  • Sweepstakes Scams Pose As Government Organizations
  • Sweepstakes Scam Notifications Arrive by Bulk Mail
  • Sweepstakes Scams Contain Many Typos

Reference: Warning Signs of Sweepstakes Scam

Living Large Sweepstakes WalMart?

Living Large Sweep Scam Alert-min

I received email message from OMGSweeps with the email address with the subject YOU DID IT! Walmart ($250

YOU DID IT! Walmart ($250)
You have been selected to receive this Walmart Card loaded with $250! Have this balance verified for you by using the highlighted cues.
VERIFY: ($250) Walmart Balance

Living Large Sweeps: Stimulus Owed to Member?

Living Large Sweeps Stimulus Check Owed to Member-min

Stimulus CHECK Owed to Member
We just learned that a big-time check may have ARRIVED for Member ! Find out how much has been reserved in your name and request to receive it while it remains available.

The email subject is Stimulus CHECK Owed to Member from an email address

Living Large Sweeps and OMGSweeps Web

I also recieve email message from OMGSweeps Web at with a subject $185.50 – Please Pick Up Payment. Here is what is written in the email message;

“$185.50 – Please Pick Up Payment: We’re connecting as much as a $185.50 payment to you! You can accept this payment by providing your opinions at the link.”

Did you received the same email message? is Living Large Sweeps legit? If it’s legit, why there are many living large sweepstakes email? I have no idea if the email messages I received are related to Clark Howard’s Living Large Sweeps. If you are familiar with Living Large Sweeps and the email message I received, kindly share to readers what these things are all about.

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25 comments on “Living Large Sweeps: Online Sweepstakes Scam Alert

  1. Editorial Staff says:

    Email received from OMGSweeps at stake@wowsweepslife (dot) com with a subject PAYMENT VERIFICATION — $375.00

    This is your final notification! Verify up to $375.00 for answering questionnaires via the next window.
    Verify $375.00 >> HERE

  2. Editorial Staff says:

    From live@wowsweepshealth (dot) com with a subject Transferring Member’s Balance: $89.00!

    Transferring Member’s Balance: $89.00!
    Exciting news! As much as a $89.00 balance awaits! Complete (1) survey at the next site and have the payout transferred to you!

  3. Editorial Staff says:

    from Living Large Sweeps with an email address living@livinglargesweepsdeal dot com using the subject YOU’VE WON IT ALL ($50K), Member ?

    YOU’VE WON IT ALL ($50K), Member ?
    Member — We’re thrilled to let you know that you may have won $50,000! See if you’re the one while you still can…

  4. Editorial Staff says:

    From OMG Sweeps Weekly with an email idea@ideaomgsweeps dot com using the subject “July 20th, 2016: COLLECT YOUR CHECK” July 20th, 2016: COLLECT YOUR CHECK
    You may be OWED a BIG amount out of the billions of unclaimed dollars! Use the site that we have shared with you to COLLECT YOUR CHECK.

  5. Editorial Staff says:

    Email from stake@wowsweepslife dot com with subject $90.00 Going to YOU: CONGRATS!

    $90.00 Going to YOU: CONGRATS!
    You’ve made it far enough in your membership to claim as much as $90.00 – just for filling out the questionnaires we’ve attached. Good job!

  6. Editorial Staff says:

    Email from Living Large Sweeps via news@livinglargewithsweeps dot com with subject CONFIRM CHECK AMOUNT – $1,000

    We noticed that a $1,000 CHECK still hasn’t been accepted by you! Please follow the cues to CONFIRM it as soon as possible.

  7. Editorial Staff says:

    Another email we received from WowSweepsLife stake@wowsweepslife dot com with a subject (1) iPad Pro…Pick Up ASAP

    (1) iPad Pro…Pick Up ASAP!
    You haven’t yet verified this new iPad Pro that’s been on hold for quite some time now. Hit your link to learn how to pick it up.

  8. Editorial Staff says:

    Related email messages are also using the following email subject; ☎ Calling the WINNER of $50,000 📞, (1) Message: $150,000 WINNINGS, VISA Card Confirmation – $500, VICTORIA’S SECRET Surprise for Member, YOU DID IT! 🎉 $1000.00 Visa Card

  9. Admin says:

    Here’s another email from OMG Sweeps craft@omgsweepscraft dot com with email subject $150,000 Grand Prize – FINALIST

    $150,000 Grand Prize! You’re a finalist for a new car valued at $150,000! Verify your entry ASAP.

  10. Editorial Staff says:

    From Living Large Sweeps with email address live@wowsweepshealth dot com with a subject Payment ARRIVED for Member
    You’re probably not aware, but a Payment may have ARRIVED for YOU at the next page. Find out how much has been reserved in your name, and claim it before the deadline occurs!

  11. Editorial Staff says:

    from your Your LivingSweeps at you@youlivinglargesweeps [dot] com with subject “A Settlement Check is OWED to Member”
    Please be advised that you may be part of a class action lawsuit for which you may entitled to a substantial settlement check. Enter the link we’ve connected to discover how much you are OWED and request your check!

  12. Editorial Staff says:

    Another email I received in my spam folder from OMGSweeps Page (bit@bitomgsweeps[dot]com) with a subject “$1000 Being Mailed – YOU DID IT!” YOU DID IT! You’ve FINALLY met the requirements to have this $1000 VISA™ mailed. Move towards accepting after you click ahead to see your mailing instructions.
    $1000 VISA™ is HERE

  13. Editorial Staff says:

    You have yet to confirm the mailing of this new MICHAEL KORS handbag that’s currently on hold for you! Please complete the following instructions to have it mailed.

  14. Editorial Staff says:

    Subject: WALMART CARD for PICKUP
    We’re so sorry it’s taken us so long to connect you with this $1,000 WALMART CARD which is currently ready for pickup! Hit the link to be directed towards this member bonus.
    Pick Up $1,000

  15. Admin says:

    Subject: VICTORIA’S SECRET Order Confirmation

    Your complimentary order of VICTORIA’S SECRET items is READY to SHIP. Please move to the connected site right away to confirm!

  16. Mary Grace says:

    Another email we received from omgsweeps (stake@wowsweepslife [dot] com

    We have great news! You are now HIRED for a job working from anywhere with an internet connection. It pays $3,000 per DAY, so you’ll want to accept ASAP.

  17. Renee Lambert says:

    Ok by reading the comments I guess I wont be getting my xbox if this is a scam. Im pissed & going to a friend whos an attorney with these emails saying I won. Ill keep you all updated about what can be done about this situation.

  18. Tyeshia says:

    Hi I’m Tyeshia I was sent a email that I won on livinglargesweeps is this a scam or did I really win $1 million

  19. Tyeshia says:

    Did I really win.

  20. J Johnson says:

    I have unsubscribe to you email numerous times. If I receive another email I will report your address to the poproper authorities.

  21. lois says:

    I keep being told *m the 52k winner but link leads to picking numbers

  22. Richard says:

    Email transcript from BigLivingSweeps…

    To Richard :
    This is my 2ND ATTEMPT to reach you at this email address. I was
    recently notified that upwards of $295.30 is to be mailed to you for
    taking the included Q&As!

    Please us the link to approve
    <> as your primary address and secure your payment.

    Sylvia – Living Large Sweeps

    Secure Your Payment…. <>

  23. Beatrice s Williams steele says:

    Yes I received an email and I want to know did I win and would like to sue them for as much as I could this day and time doing that to people it’s outrageous

  24. Audrey Linden says:

    I was on FB and interrupted with sign on to psrticipate for free Iphone. I read others posts who got the phones. I gave my email, mailing address but stopped when I was to check terms. It said I would receive coupon offers. I did not go further. They even knew I had a Samsung J7. I deleted. Today, I get an email my Iphone is in and they want to send it. But, again, I have to accept terms. No, I don’ t want to receive multiple offers.there is an unsubscribe

  25. Eloise says:

    Is it okay to unsubscribe without them getting your information when you enter that request?

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