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Posted by Grace under Insurance on March 10, 2015

What can you say about Post Office Money Life Insurance UK? Are you from UK United Kingdom looking for the best life insurance? There are best life insurance companies in UK. The advantage of having a life insurance was already known by many British. In United Kingdom, people are aware about the insurance benefits. Today we will only discuss about the Post Office Money Life Insurance offered by Aviva Life and Pensions UK Limited.Buying an insurance is very easy. But not all people gives importance to it. In personal finance, before you will invest money, you should first buy an insurance (life insurance and health insurance), pay your debts, build emergency funds and make a specific financial goal by knowing the reasons why you’re investing.

Post Office Money Life Insurance UK

Here are the features of this life insurance;
First, for as low as £5 a month, your family can receive a pay-out if you (the policy holder, insured) die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness with a coverage from £5,000 to £500,000


You can become insured as long as you want, but there is a certain changes from your monthly premium payments.

Level Term Monthly Premiums

If you are a 20 year old and a smoker, and you want a coverage of £100k, you only pay as low as £9.75 and £8.84 for non-smoker. If you want a coverage of £150k, you will pay monthly for as low as £13.06 and £10.19
EligibilityNote: When you get at age 25 there will be a certain changes to be paid for your monthly premium.

You are eligible if you are a UK resident. Your age must be 18 and 66 to apply. Monthly premiums are paid by Direct Debit. The policy has no cash-in value.

For more information, please read the details on the official website of Post Office Money at or call to get an insurance quote at 0800 096 5489

This blog is not affiliated with any life insurance companies. Please do your own research and investigation before buying an insurance. It is advisable to consult with certified financial planner or talk directly to an insurance agent. Stay tuned to, to get updates about Post Office Money Life Insurance UK and the best or largest insurance companies.

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