Learn Reverse Mortgage in these Useful Websites

Posted by Grace under Loans on March 29, 2016

Want to know what is a reverse mortgage and how does it work? Read this useful websites or sources to learn about reverse mortgage now!

We all know that the more things we know and familiar with, the better person we become. Especially when we talk about finance and mortgage. Fortunately, there are online publishers that we can use to learn reverse mortgage. Visit this website, read, learn and to increase your knowledge about what is a reverse mortgage all about.


According to Grafton Willey:

“Reverse mortgages can be an effective tool for retirees, but the problem is that the interest rates tend to be higher than for other home loans,” (1)

Learn Reverse Mortgage Online

Bank Rate – Donna Fuscaldo written a post about the pros and cons of reverse mortgage for homeowners.

AARP.Org – Read news about rates, and information about mortgage debt and management.

WikiPedia – the online FREE encyclopedia explained clearly what is a reverse mortgage.

Investopedia – Know the meaning and definition.

ReverseMortgage.Org –  A complete information. Presented by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.

Consumer Information talks about reverse mortgage and how does it work. Also, you will learn the different types of reverse mortgage in this useful source.

Forbes.Com – Carolyn Rosenblatt shared the hidden truth about reverse mortgage. She published the article on Forbes. She also explains the risks and dangers of reverse mortgage.

MoneySmart.Gov.Au – a website good and useful for Australian visitors.

 (1) CNBC.Com – Shelly Schwartz written a post in CNBC website entitled “Will a reverse mortgage be your friend or foe?”

Dummies.Com – the pros and cons a reverse and mortgage.

Time.Com – answered the questions if a person should get a reverse mortgage or not.

WSJ Blog – Wade D.PFau written a post about the new case for reverse mortgages.

Learn Reverse Mortgage in these Useful Websites-min

Thought of the Day

“You don’t want to have so much money going toward your mortgage every month that you can’t enjoy life or take care of your other financial responsibilities.” Dave Ramsey

The director of the AARP Public Policy Institute Lori Trawinski, remind us;

“We encourage homeowners to ask as many questions as possible. … Get the advice of a financial advisor, elder attorney or independent expert.”

So, what can you say about this useful sources? have visited them one by one? Believe me, you can learn reverse mortgage right now. Do not forget to leave a comment and share this page with your friends.

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