Law of Attraction to Money Made Easy

Posted by Grace under Money on January 17, 2016

The law of attraction to money and law of attraction to other important things such as happiness, good health and good relationship are easy to apply.

Follow this simple tips how to attract money in your life so that you will never ever experience shortage of cash. Money is very important in life. Some people say money is not important because they believe money is the root of all evil.


Law of Attraction to Money

If you want to attract money in every areas of life, you must first believe that money is very important. You can’t even decide whether you need money or not if you don’t really know its importance.

Starting today, believe in money. Love money. Believe that money can buy anything. It can make you and your loved ones happy. Love can buy happiness. Believe it or not, it can.

Law of Attraction to Money that Works

If you want to attract more money into your life, you have to always put money in your thoughts. I believe you already know that law of attraction simple means “what you think, what you speak and what you do” is what you get.

To make the law of attraction works, here are the suggested things to do;

Believe in money. Agree to the statement “money can buy happiness”.

Think more money everyday in 21 days. Think about checks (cheque).

Feel good everyday. This is exactly the secret. When you feel good, you will attract “good” things. And having more money is a good thing.

Give money everyday as if you have plenty of money. You can give money to beggar or to your loved ones.

Make money everyday. Do whatever you can. You can make money through investing. You can also make money through setting up your own business. Sell something everyday. Just make money and be happy on what you do.

You must also be willing to receive more money. Don’t just give, be willing to receive. Whenever you received money, be grateful.

Be a good steward of money. The universe will give you more if you can show to universe that you can manage less.

Attract More Money by Growing Yourself

Here is the reminder from T. Harv Eker about managing money;

“Think yourself as a container for wealth. If your container is small and your money is big, what’s going to happen? You will lose. Your container will overflow and the excess money will spill out all over the place. You simply cannot have more money than the container. Therefore, you must grow to be a big container so you cannot only hold more wealth but also attract more wealth. The universe abhors a vacuum and if you have a very large money container, it will rush in to fill the space.”

If you feel good about money and be grateful about having more money, you will easily attract more money. There are many people who easily allow money to flow into their lives. It is because they know how to apply the law of attraction to money and they know how to manage every single penny.

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