Jollibee Philippines Teaching Students on Saving Money

Posted by Grace under Money on August 26, 2015

Good News! Jollibee Philippines is teaching every students on how to save money. Jollibee didn’t teach formally, I just saw it using a so called coin bank. Here’s the story! Many high school students from Pampanga province received the red coin banks. I know it’s part of Jollibee promotion, but on the other side, it has a good effect on every students. Some managers and crews of Jollibee visited our school.

I received a coin bank from Jollibee, this was a good thing because my daughter love to eat at Jollibee. Everytime we go to mall, my daughter is very happy when he saw the big smiling bee. I am also happy too when I saw my daughter is so happy eating Jollibee fries and the famous Chicken Joy. Besides, being a JFC stockholder is a good thing.


What I want to do is to teach my kids to save money using red coin bank. And I will tell them the rewards, to treat themselves in Jollibee eating their favorite chicken joy!

Coin Bank from Jollibee Philippines

Now, you know. Jollibee can make your kids’ childhood life awesome. Teach them to save.

Just in case your kids didn’t receive a coin bank from Jollibee, go to shopping mall and buy a coin bank. However, your kids will be more excited to save money if they will use coin bank from Jollibee Food Corporation.

As a parent, you can open a savings account for your kids. You can open an “in trust for” account for your kids when they are at a minor age. FYI: You can also open an investment account for your kids, even a month old baby can be a stockholder of Jollibee as long as your baby has a birth certificate. Correct me if I am wrong, you can open a stock broker account for your kids and buy Jollibee stocks for them.

Let me give my gratitude to Jollibee SM Main 0416 (SM City Pampanga Branch). If you are from Pampanga and your school is very near to SM City Pampanga, you can order Jollibee meals using these contact numbers if you have parties in school like Christmas Party, birthday treats, etc.

  • Jollibee SM Main 0416
  • SM City Pampanga
  • Contact Numbers: Telephone: (045) 961-2880, Mobile: 0909.331.2233 or Mobile: 0906.649.8637

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