Jobs in Netherlands: Work Abroad Opportunity POEA Approved

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List of jobs in Netherlands approved by POEA giving opportunity to work abroad as quality control engineer and fish plant worker in Netherlands. If you are looking for jobs in Netherlands, find employment opportunity here whereas Filipinos and other English speakers can find job vacancies easily in the Netherlands country. Many people wants to work and live in Netherlands, that is the reasons why they seek employment first. They want to see the beautiful sceneries and experience the culture and traditions in Netherlands.

So, what are the available jobs in Netherlands approved by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration? If you are pinoy looking to work in Netherlands, you might want to see this list. We will update this list once the POEA approved other job orders in Netherlands.


Jobs in Netherlands: Work Abroad Opportunity POEA Approved

Country: Netherlands
Position: Quality Control Engineer
Employment Agency: Manpower Resource of Asia, Inc.
Date Approved:August 31, 2017
Job Order Balance: Open

Country: Netherlands
Position: Fish Plant Worker
Employment Agency: Orion Site Medlink (OSM) International Resourcing Inc. (former MedLink Resource)
Date Approved: June 7, 2017
Job Order Balance: 20

Jobs in Netherlands: Work Abroad Opportunity POEA Approved

Image Credit: POEA

Career and Employment Tips in Netherlands

  • There are many job opportunities in Netherlands whether you speak their language or you are an English speakers. You can find IT jobs, engineering jobs, accounting jobs, employment related to legal and finance, sales jobs and if you want to a job related to teaching English in Netherlands, just visit some of the recruitment agencies online or apply directly to the companies based in Netherlands.
  • Update curriculum vitae /resume. Make it professional and include all your accomplishments and employment experiences. Acquiring extra skills can help you find jobs in Netherlands easily. Example of skills and profession are baking, welding, carpentry, painting, upholsterer, butcher, cook, driving, web developing, article writing, teaching, etc.
  • Beware of illegal recruitment agency online offering many jobs in Netherlands. Be wise enough to spot the legitimate companies offering real employment in Netherlands.
  • If you got an appointment for job interview in Netherlands, be ready. Prepare yourself in job interview. And make a follow up afterwards for your employment status.

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